What is Rakuten TV, how much does it cost and how many channels does it offer us

Rakuten was born as a streaming video platform on demand, in which we could rent and buy movies, mainly movie premieres. However, over time it has been adapting to the new way users consume content and also offers a streaming TV service called Rakuten TV.

Rakuten TV is a completely free service and that is maintained based on advertising. Unlike other similar platforms, such as Pluto TV, in order to use Rakuten TV you need to register. The reason is none other than allowing the user to be one step away from renting or buying any movie that this platform offers us.

Once we are clear that Rakuten TV is a movie rental platform and that it also offers us content for free through a series of thematic channelswe are going to show you how it works, how many channels it offers us, where it is available…

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How Rakuten TV works

Rakuten offers us through its application access to all the channels that this platform offers us. Each channel has a schedule, that is, we cannot access the content when we want but we must be pending the time at which the program is broadcastmovie or series that we want to see.

This new platform was launched in early 2021, so at this time, access to all channels is still in beta at the time of publishing this article (August 2021) and can only be accessed access them through Samsung and LG smart TVs.

What TV channels can I watch with Photocall TV

However, for access all the content offered by free movies such as access to the rental and purchase of premiere films, can be done from all the platforms where Rakuten is present.

At the moment, we do not know when it will be possible to access all the programming of all the channels offered by this service, but it is likely to be before the end of 2021.

What can we watch for free on Rakuten TV

In addition to having access to more than 70 TV channels completely free of charge, we also have access to a limited number of movies completely free of charge, with ads showing every 15 minutes.

All movies available for free through this platform are classified in the following categories:

  • The best selection of movies
  • Rakuten Stories
  • Action movies
  • Comedy movies
  • Drama movies
  • family movies
  • Horror movies
  • thriller movies
  • romance movies
  • hello play
  • Spanish cinema
  • Science fiction movies
  • Rakuten Viki
  • documentaries
  • Planet Junior TV
  • Children’s TV

For access this contentwe must click on the word FREE that is located at the top of the browser or search for this option within the application that we are using.

How many channels does Rakuten TV offer us

Currently, Rakuten TV offers us access to more than 70 channels completely free of charge. However, many of them are only available in English and do not offer the possibility of adding subtitles to the videos, this being one of their main negative points.

Through Rakuten TV we can access the TV channels of some websites like Hello, Bloomberg or The Hollywood Reporter without going any further.

  • Top Movies
  • Action movies
  • Comedy movies
  • Drama movies
  • spot light
  • relatives
  • hello play
  • Filmstream (available in English)
  • run-time
  • Ty Time Movie Network
  • sophie tv
  • BatteryPop (available in English)
  • Cool School (available in English)
  • Tankee By Playworks (available in English)
  • Duckt
  • ZooMoo (available in English)
  • Brad TV (available in English)
  • junior planet
  • MAVTV Motorsports Network
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championship
  • World Poker Tour (available in English)
  • Fuel TV (available in English)
  • FTF For The Fans (available in English)
  • Lax Sports Network (available in English)
  • ESTV (available in English)
  • EDGESport (available in English)
  • Poker Night TV (available in English)
  • Baeble Music (available in English)
  • Billboard (available in English)
  • Qello Concerts by Stingray (available in English)
  • Stingray Karaoke (available in English)
  • Beat Music (available in English)
  • Stingray Hot Country (available in English)
  • Stingray Soulstrom (available in English)
  • Stingray Greatest Hits (available in English)
  • Stingray: Hitlist (available in English)
  • Stingray: Classica (available in English)
  • Clubbing TV (available in English)
  • Qwest TV Jazz and Beyond (available in English)
  • Qwest TV Classical (available in English)
  • Qwest TV Mix (available in English)
  • The Design Network (available in English)
  • So Yummy (available in English)
  • GoTraveler (available in English)
  • Hungry (available in English)
  • Gusto TV (available in English)
  • Motorvision.tv (available in English)
  • Powernation (available in English)
  • The Boat Show (available in English)
  • Travelxp (available in English)
  • Demand Africa (available in English)
  • The Pet Collective (available in English)
  • People Are Awesome (available in English)
  • Fail Army (available in English)
  • Dry Bar Comedy (available in English)
  • Chive TV (available in English)
  • The Hollywood Reporter (available in English)
  • People TV (available in English)
  • VENN (available in English)
  • BCC Gaming (available in English)
  • BCC Gaming (available in English)
  • Revry (available in English)
  • Destination TV (available in English)
  • Fashion TV (available in English)
  • Froot TV (available in English)
  • Insight TV (available in English)
  • Young Hollywood (available in English)
  • Comedy Dynamics (available in English)
  • Weather Spy (available in English)
  • Singray Naturescape (available in English)
  • euronews
  • Reuters (available in English)
  • Holywire (available in English)
  • Revry News (available in English)
  • Bloomberg Television (available in English)
  • Bloomberg Quicktake (available in English)
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What platforms is Rakuten TV available on?

As a good platform that wants to be successful in the market, Rakuten TV is available both in smart tvs (Samsung, LG, Sony, Philipcs, Panasonic and Hisense), such as smartphones and tablets iOS and Android, as in the Nintendo and Sony consoles.

In addition, it is also available via web to access its content through a browser and is also compatible with chrome cast of Google.

Rakuten TV vs Pluto TV

Both Rakuten TV and Pluto TV are platforms that allow us to watch streaming television channels completely free of charge with ads. However, Rakuten TV offers us content in format movies for freealthough this is not of great quality.

Another of the differences that I have already mentioned above, is that to use Rakuten TV it is necessary to create an accountan account that allows us to access with a single click the content available for rent or purchase through this platform, an option that is not available on Pluto TV.

The content available on Pluto TV is, mostly in spanishwhile the platform of Japanese origin Rakuten TV, almost all the content is available in English and without the option of adding subtitles.

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