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We got to know the games in PS Plus in January 2014

We got to know the games in PS Plus in January 2014

Sony very quickly, before noon, presented us January games in PS Plus.

The offer is huge, only very good titles. Both PS Vita and PS3 owners should be satisfied.

Already on Christmas Eve you will be able to play on PS Vita such hits as:

Soul Sacrifice

Go on an amazing journey to learn dark, powerful magic as you fight evil as you try to break free from a nightmarish prison and escape from the hands of the evil wizard, Magusar.
As soon as you wake up, it seems your fate is doomed: you will be the wizard’s next victim. However, suddenly a mysterious talking book appears, revealing the secrets of magic to you, drawing you into its pages and letting you relive the story of the mighty magician.
With great power, however, great sacrifices await you – you must pay the price for every monster you face and every skill you learn … Will you sacrifice your allies, body and even soul to defeat Magusar and regain freedom?

BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift Extend

BLAZBLUE is a series of high-quality 2D fighting games by Arc System Works. BLAZBLUE offers a perfectly refined combat system, an excellent story mode, 19 unique playable characters and a multitude of game modes for players of all skill levels. The acclaimed tutorials, ‘Stylish mode’ controls and the training mode guarantee satisfying gameplay for novices and veterans alike.

Other PS Plus games:

PS3 – Borderlands 2 and DMC: Devil May Cry
PS4 – Don’t Starve