TV with WiFi: A look at the details

The classic TV program has long been the first option – streaming is popular. The television is equipped with WLAN for the most convenient operation. We show you how to recognize these models.

A TV with WLAN does not require any additional hardware.

The keyword is SmartTV – but only initially. Because: SmartTVs are Internet-enabled televisions with which you can always access Netflix and Co. However, they are not necessarily WLAN-enabled. So it’s all in the details, as the following models show. By the way, you can find the best Smart TVs here.

These TVs are SmartTVs, but without WiFi

Especially with cheap offers you should take a closer look. Many bargains are really good and worthwhile, but do not have WiFi:

  • This Samsung SmartTV is a real price hit, has a triple tuner and a FullHD display. However, you need a LAN cable to connect to the Internet.
  • LG also has very cheap FullHD televisions such as the LG43LH510V – but it is also not WLAN-capable.

After all, you can remedy the situation with a small tool: So-called WiFi dongles are not expensive and make the TV WLAN-compatible. This stick from Samsung is one of the most popular products of this type and solves the connection problem in a very cheap way.

These televisions with WLAN are suitable for the highest demands

You can recognize televisions with WLAN by the fact that this property is expressly mentioned in the product details. Especially in the newer TV generation with 4K resolution, practically all models are WLAN-enabled. Some examples:

  • The 55-inch LG 55UH615V
  • An example of the 50-inch class is this Samsung UHD TV
  • Even the significantly smaller Samsung UE43KU6079UXZG can access the router via WLAN

Of course, this is even more true for the more expensive models with 60 or 65 inches. Among the televisions without 4K technology, models such as the 49-inch Samsung UE49K5579SUXZG stand out because it is equipped with WLAN.