This is the hidden game of Microsoft Edge and this is how you can play

Microsoft Edge has become one of the most popular browsers worldwide, also on Android devices. The new version of the Chromium-based browser has managed to become a reliable option, which is updated a lot and works well. For this reason, its market share continues to increase throughout the world, also in Android phones. For a few months Microsoft Edge has also had its own hidden game.

There is a hidden game in Microsoft Edge available in all its versions, so that we can also enter Android devices. This game becomes an interesting option for those who use this browser. The game is a good way to entertain ourselves without the need to download additional games on the phone. If you want to know how you can access this hidden game in the Microsoft browser, we will tell you everything below.

Microsoft is looking to follow in Google’s footsteps with this game. Over the years, Google has introduced a multitude of hidden games in its Chrome browser, something that has undoubtedly made it a more popular option. So it will be interesting to see if over the years more hidden games will be introduced in Edge, in some way competing with the hidden games in Chrome. In any case, this hidden game in Microsoft Edge is already a start and then we are going to tell you everything about this title.

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How to access the hidden game in Microsoft Edge

If you want to be able to access this hidden game in Microsoft Edge, you will be able to do it in any of the browser versions. Whether its version for computer, tablet or on your Android phone. Of course, if you want to access it from your Android phone, then the first thing you’re going to have to do is proceed to install the browser on your smartphone, in case you don’t have it yet. The browser is available for free in the Google Play Store, and you can download it from this link:

Once you have already installed the browser on your Android phone, the process to access this game on it is really simple. Since the only thing we are going to have to do is open the browser on our smartphone and then go to the address bar, located at the top of the screen. In this address bar we have to enter edge://surf and then click on Go. By doing this, the browser will take us directly to this game.

These simple steps take us directly to this hidden game in Microsoft Edge. So now we can start playing it directly on our Android phone as normal. We will be able to play as many times as we want, so it is presented as a good way to pass the time from the Android browser itself, without having to download other games, or at least it is a much simpler way of being able to play on the phone in some moments.

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How is this hidden game

This hidden game in Microsoft Edge looks to become a classic among users on all platforms and it really has elements that can help make this happen. It is presented as the Microsoft browser alternative to the dinosaur game in Google Chrome, which has become a classic. So this is something that is sure to generate interest among many users, although we have clear differences between the two games.

This browser game takes us to the sea, where we are going to become a surfer. In this case, our task is to move in the water on this surfboard while we dodge all kinds of obstacles that are going to come our way. Of course, we will have to try to stay as long as possible on the surfboard, avoiding that we are going to crash into those obstacles that come out when we are surfing. The difficulty increases as we progress, as more and more obstacles come our way. In addition, our speed also increases as we move forward. So avoiding these obstacles is something that will depend on our ability and reflexes.

To make the game even more interesting, the obstacles in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge work in various ways, something that undoubtedly increases the difficulty in it. There are a series of obstacles that we can consider fixed, that is, they are not going to move from their place, such as the islands and the boats that are on the route. On the other hand, there are other obstacles like the octopus, which will chase us when we jump over them, so we will also have to escape from these obstacles in the game. It is something that makes the game much more fun, because in this way it is much less predictable, but at the same time it supposes a notable increase in its difficulty.

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How matches work in the game

When we start playing this hidden game on Microsoft Edge we have to keep in mind the rules of it. In addition, we also have to consider the elements that we have when we start playing. Initially we are going to be given three lives and up to three levels of stamina (or energy), so we have to know that we can make three attempts before a game in the game is going to end completely. In addition, in the game we have a total of three game modes, which present us with a different difficulty. These are the game modes available in it:

  1. normal mode: It is the classic game mode, in which we have to dodge the obstacles that come our way in the water, to accumulate as many points as possible.
  2. Time trial mode: In this game mode we are going to be given a certain time, in which we are going to have to collect coins as we go. There are a number of shortcuts available that can help us get to the end within the given time. Time adds extra pressure in this mode.
  3. Slalom mode (zig zag mode): This is the most complex mode in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge. Our task in this game mode is to knock on all the doors so that we are going to be able to win. It will require that we are fast, have good reflexes and a lot of patience to overcome this level or mode.
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The fact that there are several game modes is something that undoubtedly contributes that this game will like many users. Since if the normal game mode is not a challenge for us, we can always bet on another of the modes, where the difficulty is somewhat higher, especially in the last one. Also, the game slightly changes how it works in these various modes, making it even more entertaining for all Android users. This helps it adapt to various tastes or types of users in the browser without too much trouble.

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In-game controls

Something that many users are surely wondering is if the controls in this hidden game in Microsoft Edge are easy. Luckily we have good news in this regard, because its controls are somewhat simple. In addition, they are somewhat simple in all versions of the game. That is to say, we are not going to have problems in this sense when we are playing from our Android phone, but neither if we play from the computer to it. The game leaves us with simple touch controls, so this should not be a problem for any user.

All we have to do is touch the screen, to the right or to the left, to move the surfer. That is, if we want the character to move to the right to avoid obstacles on the screen, we touch to the right of him, so that movement is generated. The same case if we want him to move then to the left. As you can see, the controls will be especially comfortable for most users. If you have an Android phone with a somewhat large screen, the gaming experience will be better, but in general, no user in the operating system should have problems.

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This hidden game in Microsoft Edge has been available to everyone for a few months now, but in this time it has been able to demonstrate that it has all the elements to become another classic, such as the dinosaur game in Google Chrome. It’s easy to control, it’s fun, and having a variety of game modes really helps make it suit any type of user. You can access it in any of the browser versions and thus start playing it. Fun is assured. Feel free to try it on your Android phone or tablet.

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