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This is the Helio P90, the new MediaTek processor


This is the Helio P90, the new MediaTek processor

A matter of hours ago, the company MediaTek officially announcedusing the social network Twitter, which the new Helio P90 processor is under development. According to what has been known so far, this new chip is aimed at mid-range mobiles, something that definitively confirms that MediaTek abandoned efforts to get into the high range.

The decision of enter the mid-range mobile market, or medium low, is doing great for MediaTek. And it is that the efforts made by the company have had very good results so far this year. A clear example of this are the figures with positive results that encourage the manufacturer to continue along the same path.

Not much information on the table

In what has to do with new Helio P90 processor, no data at the moment. It is only known that following the current trend, MediaTek will include an innovative Artificial Intelligence core. This is a demand for hardware that is being used more and more every day, since personal assistants and their search algorithms require processors that can withstand this type of requirement.

But this is not all, and it is that the Helio P90 is also expected to make a leap in all aspects with respect to the Helio P60 and P80. And it is that with this new chip the company plans to compete against the latest that Qualcomm has launched for the medium and medium / high range.

Helio P90 still no release date

At the moment, and at least for the remainder of December, we do not have and will not have data on When will the Helio P90 hit the market?. From here, making calculations and comparing previous launches of this processor, we assume that we will not see his face until the middle of next year.

This processor is expected to be adopted by a large number of terminals, as MediaTek’s Helio P family is working more than well in the market. The tests carried out on this series of processors have given very good results, so the reception of the P90 is expected to be successful.