The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead from Techland for next-gen consoles

Techland distributes great Telltale Games adventures on PlayStation 4

In November (20/11/2014), three new-generation console titles will appear on store shelves. Thanks to Techland, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will receive the complete first two seasons of the highly acclaimed and award-winning The Walking Dead, as well as the latest creation from the creators of the famous zombie series – an interactive, violent thriller The Wolf Among Us. A novelty in which many media already see a contender for the title of the Game of the Year.

The Wolf Among Usthe new game from Telltale Games is a step forward in the widely accepted gameplay formula developed by the creators of The Walking Dead. The story of the game is based on the plot of the award-winning Vertigo comic book series by DC Comics (including the prestigious Eisner award). It surprises with an extremely original approach to fairy-tale icons and characters, such as the Bad Wolf, Snow White, or the hero of the story about the Headless Horseman. These creatures have found refuge in our world and are hiding among ordinary mortals, and the player takes on the role of Sheriff Bigby Wolf, who keeps order in this mysterious community. In this interactive thriller, the situations that arise and the decisions made by the player influence the shape of the story, sometimes leading to severe, terrible consequences. And what is important: now, not only the choices made by the player count in the game, but also the moment of making a decision.

The game is already showered with numerous awards and nominations – incl. GOTY, Game of The Year (Game of the Year) by Gamespot, or even five nominations for the prestigious Golden Joystick Awardin the following categories: Game of the Year, Best Original Game, Best Audio, Best Storytelling and Developer Nomination, Telltale Games as Development Studio of the Year.

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Single episodes from The Wolf Among Us gain Tier Notes 90% and moreEverything indicates that The Walking Dead has a worthy successor! It will therefore be the perfect opportunity to get the entire full season of the latest hit on November 20!

The Walking Dead: Season One – will be released in the GOTY (Game of the Year) version, featuring all five episodes on one CD and the add-on, “400 Days” DLC. Through choice-based gameplay and the consequences of these choices, players around the world experience the true horror of being a survivor of the apocalypse of the living dead. An excellent script (including a BAFTA award for the best story), decisions made that affect the world around you and terrifying moral dilemmas are the hallmarks of this dark, tense horror movie.

The Walking Dead: Season Two – is a direct continuation of The Walking Dead: Season One, kept in the same convention: on the border of an adventure game based on popular comics and an interactive series. During the game we play the role of Clementine, a young heroine known from the first season, who fights to survive in the extremely dangerous world of the living dead that surrounds her. Left to its own devices, she must learn to survive in a world that has gone mad – while guaranteeing players an interactive and emotionally engaging story and a top-notch scenario.

Both seasons of The Walking Dead are closely related. Decisions made in Season One and the 400 Days expansion have a direct impact on the story in Season Two!

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All productions, both The Wolf Among Us and the complete seasons of The Walking Dead, will appear in Poland on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a very attractive price – PLN 129.90 each.

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