The weirdest apps on the Play Store (Volume I)

As we have commented countless times, we know of the very long catalog of applications that we have in the Google Play Store. There are apps for practically everything. Some are basic in our lives and we could not live without them. Like for example WhatsApp. What would become of us without this application?

There are also the applications that we use on a daily basis, such as those that manage email accounts. Or social media apps. In short, applications that make our lives easier, or that connect us in one way or another with the world. But not all of them are essential, and some are not even useful.

Are there applications that are useless?

The answer is yes. Developers with concepts that don’t quite come together. Perhaps because of not being able to capture a specific idea, or because of not finding the right algorithm to carry out the desired task. But unfortunately in the Play Store there are Apps that are of little use.

Among the rare applications of the Play Store, and which also serve very little, one stands out. Or rather some. Have you heard of The Most Expensive App?. An app announced some years ago and literally called as the most expensive app. So much so that its initial price was two hundred dollars.

you will ask What wonders can an application that costs that amount do?, No?. well the answer is ANY!. Exactly friends, an application that costs a fortune and is absolutely useless. When downloading and paying for this App, an icon is installed on our smartphone that, when opened, shows us a sumptuous and brilliant diamond. That is all.

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There are paid applications that do nothing.

The curious thing is that this application had up to ten downloads, and of course, this led to the emergence of Apps that did the same. In other words, expensive applications with diamonds that are useless. What are those who pay for these Apps thinking? The issue is that this application currently costs 350 euros, and now in addition to offering the diamond, it includes phrases that make you feel distinguished.

The main idea of ​​its creators was, in addition to fooling someone, to create an App that gives status to those who download it. Would you download a paid App for simple ego?. Well, it seems that there are people who do. And thanks to this we now have applications like I’m Rich, for 170.90 euros, and many others with emeralds and diamonds. In case it is the application you were waiting for, here is the link.

And there are free applications that can be very useful

Fortunately, we also have applications that, although rare, have some utility. Specifically, we are talking about an application that may soon be convenient for us to download. Surely we all know an application that serves to locate our cars once parked. This helps us get back to where it was without having to drive around crazy.

But with this application we go a little further. Surely you have ever parked the car early in the morning and when you return to pick it up at noon it is in full sun. Something very uncomfortable, even more so in the summer months, right? This App has been designed so that this does not happen to you anymore.

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Shadow, that’s the name of the application developed to know in which car park it will shade. If we park on the way to work, first thing in the morning, This App will tell us if the location where we are will be shaded at what time. So that we can leave our vehicle in a cooler area in summer, or sunnier in winter.

Also It can be very useful to know if the sun will shine on the house we are wanting to buy. on the terrace. Or to know what is the ideal time to celebrate a party in your garden. An application as curious as it is original. And who can really lend us a hand on occasion.

So far our Volume I of the rarest / strangest / most curious applications of the Google Play Store. We promise new editions, so we will keep looking for more applications. Can you think of any application of this type?.

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