The second generation of Pokémon officially confirmed for this week

Although we are in the middle of the week and we almost meet Thursday, there is days still to enjoy of one of those major updates that tend to get more followers of those services, apps and video games. Regular updates to an application or game are essential to keep the user base active and to continue to grow over time.

This is well known to the guys at Niantic Labs, of which it has even been speculated that a second generation pokemon it was ready for Pokemon GO. It is now when the company has confirmed it officially by saying that the update will be published later this week. A great novelty that adds to many others in recent weeks.

Niantic has made it well said that more than 80 Pokemon The silver and gold generation will be on the streets very soon, as will gender-specific variations. Even the first generation Pokemon currently available will receive new evolutions.

Apart from the new creatures that will arrive in the cities and towns, there will be some extra novelties in the gameplay. It seems that Pokemon will have new behaviors added that have not been seen before, although Niantic has not wanted to give details about it. The encounter interface will receive a bit of affection from the developers, as are those new abilities that will allow you to select Poke Balls and berries “on the fly” without having to open additional menus.

Two new types of berries the Nanab and the Pinap will arrive in the game. The first will slow down a Pokemon so that it is easier to hunt it, while the second will reward with twice the candy that could be obtained if the next launch is a success.

We will have new options customization in the form of different hats, T-shirts, pants and other types of objects. There is still left for the trade / PvP update.