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  5. The OnePlus 6T is official, know all its features and prices here

The OnePlus 6T is official, know all its features and prices here

The OnePlus 6T is official, know all its features and prices here

After many rumors, the OnePlus 6T is officially here and comes loaded with news. The new terminal of the brand, allied with T-Mobile in the United States, is official and from this article we tell you all the features, specifications and prices about the new Chinese beast, ready?

OnePlus 6T, all the specifications and details you should know

The first thing we should do, and which is now customary, is to take a look at your spec sheet. So you can see at a glance all the news and the evolution of the already “old” OnePlus 6:

As you can see, the changes are not too big, but we do have some quite interesting ones. The screen has improved (and grown a bit) but the notch is much smaller. Although we do not like the eyebrow too much, this option does not seem bad at all and it looks really good.

The camera has improved especially in night images, one of its main complaints, with a new mode called “Nightscape” that by the way will reach the previous model. Regarding the battery we can only congratulate the brand, 3700mAh sounds great. In addition to its fast charge and software, we will almost certainly have two days of use.

Otherwise we can highlight the fingerprint reader under the screen. It looks like it will be one of the best and combined with the operating system it may not cost that much to take the step, what do you think?

Prices and availability of the OnePlus 6T

This terminal has always been characterized by being one of the cheapest but… is it still like that? The price has risen to 519 euros in the base model reaching up to 629 euros in the most expensive. We wish it was cheaper but it’s not bad considering everything it offers us.

will go on sale on November 6 at 10 in the morning in Europe. If you want it, we recommend that you hurry, it will fly.

We must also highlight that they have a program for which they offer up to 300 euros discount for your old terminal. We do not know if it will reach Europe (in principle it will stay in the United States) but only time will tell. What do you think of this new OnePlus 6T? Will you buy it or wait a few months? Do not leave without leaving us your opinion in the comments section.