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The new Super Mario Maker player portal and game update will be available on December 22nd

The new Super Mario Maker player portal and game update will be available on December 22nd

Choosing the perfect board from the millions available in Super Mario Maker on Wii U soon it will become much simpler, because on December 22, a new internet portal will make its debut Super Mario Maker Bookmark. The same will be made available in an update to the game, which will further increase the possibilities of creating levels.

The game Super Mario Maker has recently been a lot of success – it was on many lists of “Best games of 2015” and won in the “Best Family Game” category at The Game Awards 2015. Super Mario Maker will bring a lot of joy to the whole family, because creating new boards is fun that will be appreciated by representatives of every generation. With millions of levels available in Super Mario Maker, there is something for everyone – and there will be even more of it.

Players will be able to access the Super Mario Maker Bookmark portal from their computers, tablets or smartphones. On this portal, they will see a list of recommended boards and find the perfect challenge for themselves, filtering the available levels in terms of difficulty, graphics from the selected game, board style and other criteria. You can also search using tags that allow you to find boards that match specific categories, such as automatic boards, puzzles or music boards. The levels that catch our attention can be added to Bookmarks to have quick access to them in the game *. These search options will also be available in the game itself in Course World, where simply select “Play Now” to start playing immediately *. The link to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark portal will be added to Super Mario Maker website after its launch on December 22.

On December 22, there will also be an update that will add even more news to the game, including items that have never before appeared in the Super Mario franchise. They will be:

To see the new items in action, watch special video made available on YouTube. In separate video We present how Super Mario Maker Bookmark works.

Moreover, fans can expect more Event Courses, the passage of which unlocks new costumes for Mario to wear. Among the costumes currently available, you can find the Frog Mario (Mario the Frog) and Mario Trio costumes from the game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.and on December 18, the Special Board will be made available Nintendo Badge Arcade. Players will find more challenges in the weekly update Super Mario Maker Boards Collection (Super Mario Maker Weekly Course Collection) featuring dozens of Nintendo-selected ingenious player-created boards, while tips and exercises for board design can be found at Super Mario Maker Board Creation Course (Super Mario Maker Course Creation Class).

The creators of the boards are constantly sharing their ideas for Super Mario boards with the world, which is remarkably reflected in the numbers. Over 260 million blocks have been placed on all boards so far ** – enough to build the Cheops Pyramid 11 times. If each of the more than 313 million coins placed on the boards were the size of a zloty, they could be arranged in 112 piles, each the size of which would be the size of Mount Everest **. More interesting facts can be found on the infographic, which will be published today.

Super Mario Maker is a game that brings generations together to play together, which will be more and more thanks to the news planned for December 22 (Super Mario Maker Bookmark website and game updates) and new special boards that are released regularly.

* Game update required.

** Data as of November 27, 2015. Total number of items (including variants with wings) placed on the boards that can be found on the web.

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