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The most important premieres of October 2013

The most important premieres of October 2013

This month can be fruitful for PS Vita owners, as we are waiting for the premieres of as many as six interesting games.

We are compiling the following list for you to help you find good titles and information about them.

1. Atomic Ninjas – (PSN) 2.10.2013

It is a 2.5D platformer, in which the most important thing is cleverness and skillful use of the environment so that it helps us annihilate enemies in one of the 7 game modes.

2. Worms Revolution Extreme – (PSN) 9.10.2013

Everyone knows what worms are. The Revolution edition was to bring back the splendor of the old days and for the first time introduce 2.5D graphics and diversify the game with elements of fun with water.

3. Dragon’s Crown – 11.10.2013

DC is a 2D cRPG game that combines elements of a fighting game, platformer and classic role-play. The main aspect of the game is to be the co-op of two players.


Class presentation:

4. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – 25.10.2013

Every fan has waited a long time for this moment. Batman, in addition to the Arkham series, is coming to Vita. Unfortunately, everything only looks nice on paper. In fact, we will only get a stripped down version with a 2.5D view. But there is also something to wait for. As an encouragement, we have for you:

5. World Rally Championship 4 – 25.10.2013

The next installment of the best series about rally racing recently goes to our pocket and, just like the “three”, has a chance to take a few hours of our lives.

6. Angry Birds Star Wars – 29.10.2013

I don’t think you need any introduction of rabid birds. As always, there is a bit of fun, which we know from mobile devices, and new levels to play.

And you, which title are you looking forward to the most?