The LG V35 ThinQ is the direct competition of the Galaxy Note 9

LG is a company that has been involved in speculation about its upcoming mobile launches. For example, at the MWC we were shown an LG G7 allegedly turned off accompanied by a mysterious mobile that later became known as the LG V35. Many users expected it to be the successor to the LG V30. However, it was later revealed that it was the official version. LG G7 ThinQ and now, we see the new addition called LG V35ThinQ.

Is this information official? Yes, because it comes from a trusted source that is verified by LG. In addition to confirming the name, some details have been revealed.Exclusive details that you have in your specifications. We will see that it will have a powerful screen, a marked design since 2017, very powerful cameras and AI could not be missing. Also, it will have improvements in the audio, because if we look back, this was a big problem with the V series. Do you want to know all the details?

LG V35 ThinQ specifications revealed

will have a huge 6-inch QHD OLED screenif we compare it with the LG V30S ThinQIt doesn’t have much change. However, when LG introduced its V30 lineup, it made a change to the display due to the inclusion of a POLED panel. On this occasion, it does not refer to the fact that we will have one. You don’t have to worry though, as this screen will be “FullVision” and it will have an aspect ratio of 18:9 with a screen-to-body ratio of 80%. Unlike the G7, this device will not implant a notch according to the information.

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LG has had a marked design since 2017 when it launched its LG G6. This design suggested that the user could use his mobile with one hand despite having big screens. In this opportunity, LG will not change the design and will continue to do so. This design will highlight color reproduction, the edge-to-edge design and how light the phone will be. In addition, two colors will be available, black and grayboth options with a glossy premium finish.

In the photographic section there will be a dual rear camera setup. Compared to the LG V30S ThinQ, the V35 will have two improved 16 MP cameras. This configuration is the same as that offered by the LG G7 ThinQ. That is, it will include a 16 MP standard rear camera with 1.6 focal aperture and 10-bit HDR compatibility. In addition, you will have a 16 MP second camera accompanied by a wide-angle lens with a field of view of 107 degrees.

It should be noted that you will have the ability to switch between the two cameras quickly and easily. In addition, it will have a super bright mode and a super pixel mode, which will ensure brighter images in low light.

Smart technology and audio are not far behind in the LG V35 ThinQ

Like the G7, the V35 will be a device with a lot of artificial intelligence. For example, its photographic section will work with AI to detect changes in the environment, so it can automatically change modes. In addition, it will focus on helping the user and getting to know all their likes to benefit them in one way or another.

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As for audio, we will solve the big problem of the V series due to the inclusion of a Quad DAC. For example, the V30 line featured a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC and that’s exactly what the V35 will move. But this time an ESS Saber 9228 will be added. In addition, it will have digital filters to adjust the sound to the user’s preferences. And finally, will facilitate access to the voice assistantsince you can be heard from 5.18 meters away.

Ultimately, we are facing a terminal that can be a great rival of the Galaxy Note 9. Although for now, the specifications have been almost the same as the LG G7 ThinQ. We hope that LG will give us more details about it to know if it will be a good rival or not.

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