The Hydrogen One could be the most innovative mobile of 2018

A long time ago we presented you with a modular mobile phone that was supposed to be launched in 2018, and that was developed by the company NET. The Hydrogen-One It is that mobile that we had told you about and today we will mention 3 reasons why we think it is a very innovative terminal. It should be noted that RED is a well-known company because it offers exceptional cameras for film making and some are digital. However, this company does not have any record in the smart mobile phone market.

RED plans to venture into the mobile market with the Hydrogen-Onea terminal that will start selling for $1,200 starting in August. This mobile has a unique and modular design that attracts the attention of many people. In addition, it will be made of titanium and of aluminum so that it is not the typical Android mobile. For better or worse, RED has already gotten on the carousel of companies that bet on Android, and this is probably the most interesting mobile of 2018.

The Hydrogen One promises to change the rules of what we are used to seeing, since it will offer us a holographic display. On the other hand, the company also talks about it being a modular mobile that will have many accessories like in the Moto Z. And lastly, we have to talk about the photographic section because they want to turn this phone into a DSLR. These 3 strong points that this mobile has will make it interesting and very commercial, but only if they work well.

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3 reasons that make the RED Hydrogen One innovative

There are 3 reasons to buy this device, and none of them are about performance. However, we must tell you that inside we will have a Snapdragon 835, a 4500 mAh battery, USB type C, 3.5 mm jack, microSD slot and two speakers. The other features are unknown and the company has not given us any clues. Now, we are going to give you the 3 reasons to buy a Hydrogen One.

holographic display

RED has been exciting us with its holographic screen that will work without the need to wear glasses. The screen promises to be the strong point of the terminal, but we still have doubts about it. The Hydrogen One will have the ability to change the normal “2D” display mode to a mode called “4V” (4 Views).

4V mode is a glasses-free 3D technology that RED has been developing for a few years. But sadly, you will need special content for this technology to be able to take advantage of it on the Hydrogen One. Although, RED claims that 4V videos can be captured natively on the mobile and you can watch them whenever you want. In addition, you will be able to share them with other Hydrogen One users.

There is a source that tested this terminal and says that it is a depth effect that a conventional 2D screen has. And in addition, it tells us that this mobile will have a 5.7-inch QHD LCD screen. But we cannot corroborate this information.

The cameras

RED is a company that has been in the market for professional cameras and cinematographic cameras for 19 years. Therefore, it is a company that can take great advantage of this section. In addition, we could say that it can outperform any other phone, but the difference is that there are phones with good cameras that are cheaper than this one. By default, the Hydrogen-One have 2 rear and 2 front cameras. The sensors will be capable of shooting in 4V and 2D format for users who do not have a mobile like this. And finally, the configuration of these sensors is expected to be incredibly good, and they will resemble a reflex.

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The Moto Z was a terminal that surprised by the modularity it had when it was launched on the market. The Hydrogen-One It has some magnetic pins on the back that will allow you to attach accessories to improve the features of the mobile. There are rumors that most of these accessories will have to do with the mobile camera. Actually, it is said that these accessories will turn the mobile into a powerful photo camera. But we have not confirmed any of this information, the most sensible thing would be to wait for it to go on the market.

These are the 3 reasons why the Hydrogen One could be the one most interesting mobile of 2018. But we still have to wait until August to get our hands on it, and to see if it works well. It should be noted that these 3 features are unique, and could be full of bugs that will ruin the overall experience. However, we will support RED as they are very optimistic about this release.