The best Parcheesi STAR tricks

Board games are still maintained as an entertainment Thanks to the fact that several people can participate. Each one of them has its rules, fundamental to be able to play the same as the rest of the companions that make up the game, whether in card games or tabletops.

One of the video games that have been gaining in popularity in recent years is Parchis STAR, a popular free title on the Play Store with over 50 million downloads. It is an application to spend pleasant moments with family, friends and with people from another corner of the planet.

It is a title to play Parcheesi with a total of four chips, it is rolled with a die from 1 to 6 and the one who arrives with all the chips at home in the middle of the board will win. For this he has to go dodging his rivalswhich in this case may vary depending on the game.

earn coins

watching ads: In Parchis Star it is possible to win coins, to get some it is best to be able to see daily ads, at least a few if you want to have at least the basic ones. To do this, click on the frame in the upper left, there are some tasks to perform if you want to get this type of coins. The videos are usually about 30 seconds long and you can watch up to 5-6 and the reward is 250, 300, 350 and 500 gold coins.

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Win games: If you frequently win the games in Parchis Star This will not be any kind of problem, so many coins will come to you. If you don’t have chips it is unlikely that you will be able to play games, so you can always resort to watching ads.

Play in the League: One of the requirements to be able to compete in the League is to be at least level 4, from the Bronze League you will be able to reach the Titan League if you are good. The coins you win are many and you won’t run out of any for competing in a tournament that always has a distribution of them.

Earn infinite coins

One of the valid tricks for Parchis Star is to use an app called Parallel Space, known for duplicating applications, used to use two Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts. It will be used to transfer coins, among other tricks for Parchis Star, since it is an easy task to use. It is necessary to use the 64-bit version, the 32-bit version will not work with the application.

To do this, install Parallel Space, grant the different permissions, choose the application to clone, in question the Parchis Star application, which is the one that interests us, Click on “+” and finally choose the application. Start Parcheesi Star in Parallel SpaceParallel Space will prompt you to download the 64-bit version, agree and grant all permissions again.

In Parchis Star clone of Parallel Star you have to play as a guest, never with your normal account to be able to go unnoticed and not attract attention. Click on the games mode, create a new game by clicking on the central icon and write down the number that will show you, with the number you can invite other people, or just yourself to play with this fictitious account.

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Now minimize Parallel Space to open the Parchis Star application on your desktop, click on play with friends mode and write the number of the game you have registered. Once entered you will connect to the game, open Parallel Space againyou will see that your phone profile is already in the game, with the guest account roll the dice, once this is done press «Back» to exit the game, displaying a message that you will lose the coins bet, but it is the you are looking for, giving them to your main account.

Now with your mobile phone account you will be forced to roll the dice, do it and it will show you a message that you are the winner of the game. The good thing is that you will receive an amount of 500 coins, since your 500 are not counted, but you do not lose them when playing with a guest created by yourself.

Delete the guest user and create another

A task that we have to do so that the application does not get to know What we are is not to leave any clues, for this everything happens by deleting the data from Parallel Space. It is an extremely simple and useful trick if we want to have infinite coins, since it is a task that takes a minimum of time.

To do this, be patient and carry out the next step in order to create another guest user with whom to lose and give points to the main account. Parchis Star allows you to play with a guest account or with an account created, you can use the Facebook account or an email with a password.

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The steps are the following:

  • Access the Settings of your mobile phone
  • Find “Applications”, tap on it and locate Parallel Spaceclick
  • Now in Storage click on “Clear cache data” and application data
  • This will make you delete any track of that user created as “Guest”

This can be repeated as many times as you want., so you can earn 500 coins for each game played in a fictitious way. Coins are essential to play at Parchis Star, so if you have thousands and thousands you will play games with your friends without having to watch ads or always win games.

Always win at Parchis Star

Always keep in mind the squares through which you are going to move each one of the pieces and always make sure you can, all without risking your rivals. To eat the opponent’s chip it is better to have a high numberbut if you have several you will have more moves so as not to be ahead of anyone.

Always try to have one tile after another on occasion, although always making sure that another opponent does not reach the area to kill at least one of them, always have your back well covered. Have at least two chips in the safe box, wait for the opponent to pass and if you have the opportunity, eat it.

If you play as a team with another partner, first make sure that one of you reaches the goal, the best trick in Parchis Star is to eat all the chips to advance. Once one arrives, the next one will have double movement with the rolls of one and the other, so the advance will be faster. Using the pearls you can change one of the short spins, especially if you get a 1 or a 2.

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How to win pearls in Parchis Star

One of the things that will make us have more than one roll is to get the pearls (known as gems), they are achieved by sending the pearls (gems) to your Facebook friends and watching videos of the application. With the pearls you can also get accessories, including dice of another style, personalized tokens, among other things.

With the skins you have one more incentive to continue giving Parchis Star a new air so that it is not repetitive, so it is ideal for those players who have had it installed for a long time or those who are new to it. If you want to choose a new set of dice or tokens go to the collections option.

How to get gems

Participating in the League: If you want to win Gems, what you have to do is participate in the League, the option to do so will vary, since it is possible to play in different ones. The Bronze League, despite being complicated, would be mandatory to stay in it if you want to win many gems.

Awards: On the button next to the gems you will find bonus prizes. Roll the dice and win exciting prizes, plus friends can send you dice. The prizes are succulent and serve to get more gems, which will accumulate many at the end of the day if you usually play at least several daily games.

Free gems promoting Parchis Star

One of the things to get free gems in Parchis Star is to promote the Android video game on Facebook, for this you will get interesting prizes, including gems. For this, your friends have to send you dice, you can also send them if you want if they play Parchis Star.

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Completing leagues in Parchis Star you will get hundreds of gems, for this you must do it for each of the seasons that a championship lasts. The Bronze League is the considered competitive leaguebut it is not the complex one, since you can compete with other opponents.

Level up fast with Booster

One way to level up quickly is by using the Booster, a feature of the game that is obtained as a reward or can be purchased within the game itself. The main function is that you level up quickly, being totally legal by Parchis Star.

To get the full benefit of Booster, it is best that you spend a lot of time on it once you activate it, since it has an estimated duration of time. The Booster will make you position yourself very well in the time you get itmaking it essential for those just starting out.