The best games to play as a family in these weeks of quarantine due to the coronavirus

A list with the best games to play with the family these weeks of quarantine by the coronavirus and that has forced us all to be at home. A list with which to invite all the members of the family to have a good time in those many hours of leisure that we are going to have in the day.

Having a mobile means that we will not need or buy a physical board game to be able to play Pictionary when all the family members have one, or simply use that same mobile phone so that several of us can enjoy a game from a single screen. Go for it.


The fun board game in which we have to draw the word that has touched us so that the partner can guess it, we have it on our mobile to bite us with family, friends or even strangers. A game very well carried out on our mobile and that is characterized by its three game modes and that it is in Spanish.

Tic Tac Toe Glow

The three in a row of a lifetime We have it on our mobile to play against another friend or family member so that we can both play on the same screen. The best of all is that it does so with a very “glow” visual aesthetic and that allows us to get closer to an interesting experience. Okay, we could take a pen and a piece of paper and replicate the gameplay, but if we have a mobile, why should we worry if we have it one click away from installing it and playing it.

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Another game that can be enjoyed by two at the same time and in which we will try to make a mate to get points and win the game. A game different from the rest due to the fact that we stand before a basketball court with its two baskets and in which we have to try to steal the ball from the other player, in order to make a mate in his basket and we can win. A fun game that we recommend trying from a tablet with enough inches on the screen.

Super Stickman Golf 3

Here we are going to need to play each one of our mobile, but it will be very easy add our brother or mother to play a fun game in this game in which we have to put the ball in the hole. A fun casual arcade game with lots of levels to enjoy with our people will be tremendously more fun. It’s free and apart from the multiplayer we also have a lot of levels.


As you can no longer go out, with some exceptions, and it may be that we do not have Monopoly, we can purchase for €4.49 and convert the screen of our tablet on the same game board. We can play offline and use the screen as a board, or play online against other players in their turn-based games. It is a great alternative as one of the best games to enjoy with the family and that can perfectly replace the physical one. Of course, as long as we have a mobile phone with a good-sized screen or a tablet.

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Scrabble GO

If we already put it on the list of the best multiplayer online games to play with friends and family, here it comes back again to show that in a few days it is capturing the attention of millions of people around the world. Your own scrabble game in your hand so you can connect with your family and friends by being able to synchronize your contact list and thus be able to invite them to a game. It has a variety of modes and we can have many games at the same time with different players.


A game for the family with which we are going to become singers with the mobile microphone and that allows us to even do duets. We are talking about a karaoke to enjoy with the family and that offers us to approach millions of musical themes to find the one with which we know how to demonstrate our singing skills.

Naval Battle – Sink the Fleet

The mythical game that was also played with pen and paper and that will allow us to generate the same experience. That is, we place the ships on the naval map and the opponent has to go looking for where he is located. An online game that we can enjoy even through WiFi or Bluetooth for the best local games. In other words, everyone with their mobile will enjoy the mythical sinking of the fleet from the comfort of the sofa in the living room of our house.


A new board game that we are going to be able to play with our mobile and several friends. We simply have to leave the mobile to the next player as the events progress in a game where the cunning, trickery and deduction are vital to come out winners. It is in Spanish and puts us before a unique and different experience. If you want something different from the ones already known from the list, we recommend Triple Agent because of how hard it is. And you won’t need more than a mobile and your friends or family.

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Town of Salem

Another game of suspicion, murder and deception in which we have to discover the murderers who visit another player’s house every night to kill him. A popular game on PCs and that more than a year ago it came to our mobiles to enjoy what would be a kind of medieval “cluedo”. You will have to play each one with a device, but with the option to enter the same rooms.

King of Opera

We can do this game enjoy between four family members and practically we have to keep our singer in the spotlight to take center stage on stage. A very fun game because of how comical it can be to see each other with your finger from a corner of the smartphone, so we recommend that you play from a tablet because of its larger screen space.