The best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners, and at the best price!

When you get home, the last thing you want to do is start cleaning. Perhaps today is a good day to get a robot vacuum cleaner. But which one to buy? If you don’t decide, here we have best chinese robot vacuum cleaners what can you buy.

Because both you and I are tired of the same routine. Sweeping, vacuuming… whatever you do, you’re wasting your time. And it is that a smart vacuum cleaner can take care of it. Time for you while he takes care of everything. Sounds good, right? So don’t hesitate and get one of these Chinese robot vacuum cleaners.

Top 5 Chinese Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner (2nd Generation)

We start our top with the latest version of the well-known Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. But what is special about this model? Very easy, it will not only vacuum, but can also scrub soil. In this way we kill two birds with one stone, does anyone give more?

And not everything stops there, we have the possibility of controlling it from the mobile, although it is already extremely intelligent. To do this, it has an infinity of sensors, among which are included 4 dedicated to not falling down the stairs or a laser that measures the distance that separates it from any barrier in 360º. Also, it stands out how quiet it iswe will not even realize that it is running.

Conga 4090, a robot that vacuums and scrubs with a laser sensor

Finally, we have very good news, you won’t have to charge it every day! In fact, it has a autonomy of around 2 hours and a half, so you can clean the house several days in a row without going through the charger. If you are interested, here below you can buy it, with a European charger included as standard! It is on sale for 450 euros and gives a thousand turns to the 600 Roomba that you can buy.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner (1st Generation)

We continue for bingo with Xiaomi, and it is that the first version of your robot vacuum cleaner He has nothing to envy his older brother.

With it, it shares most of the characteristics, although it offers us much lower price. However, this lower price has consequences, and it is that we miss some functions, such as the possibility of scrubbing while vacuuming.

Nonetheless, maintains the wide range of sensors that allow it to position itself and avoid all kinds of obstacles, as well as its excellent autonomy and low noise or the possibility of control it with the app corresponding to our mobile. Without a doubt, the best option in terms of quality/price. It costs 270 euros but it is the best on the market.

iRobot Roomba 694

If we talk about smart vacuum cleaners, Roomba could not be missing, one of the forerunners of this market. With this particular model they have been crowned, and it has some very suggestive characteristics.

To begin with, we will tell you that you can schedule to start cleaning at any timeeven though we are not at home. All this thanks to the fact that it has Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has an extremely compact design, which will allow you to go under sofas or other furniture without problems.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid, in-depth analysis of this intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

They also highlight their “dirt sensors”, which detect when a surface is dirtier than the rest of the floor and focus their work there. Nothing to object to this robot vacuum cleaner, which has a fairly modest price. It is usually around 320 euros.

iLife A4S

if you are looking for a good cheap robot vacuum cleaner, This is your best option. For practically half of the models above, it offers us a good experience.

However, we see how this price reduction affects you, and that is we need a little more power. On the other hand, this same aspect makes it much quieter. In addition, it is perfect for large floors, and it is that can vacuum up to 200 square meters.

And not everything stops there, it has very interesting functions, such as the possibility of programming it so that every day clean at the same time or set a certain time for each room, in case one is dirtier than the rest. Its price is around 150 euros.

Alfawise X5

What does this robot vacuum cleaner have that the previous four do not? The answer is very easy: Alexa. And it is that Alfawise vacuum cleaner is compatible with Alexa. Therefore, we will only have to ask him to get down to work to keep the house clean.

Who wouldn’t want the house to be cleaned just by saying so? Sounds like science fiction, but with Alexa voice commandswe won’t even have to access the application to order it to start cleaning.

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Likewise, it has three different cleaning modes, among which an extra long one stands out, in which will clean every corner of the house conscientiously and without haste. Finally, like the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, it also has a mode in which it will vacuum and scrub everything at once. If it has caught your attention, We recommend you take a look at the price, It’s one of the cheapest! It only costs 189 euros.

Tell us, do you miss any model in this top? Will you get any of these?

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