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The best apps to watch free TV on Android

The best apps to watch free TV on Android

With the advancement of technology it is no longer necessary to have a television and a cable subscription to enjoy television. Today’s mobiles have applications that allow anyone to see their favorite channels in the palm of their hand.

On the site we have already shown you an application that allows you to watch Spanish television for free from your mobile, but that application does not have the variety of content offered by the apps that we show you here.

Apps to watch free TV on Android

Disney Channel

Official Disney Channel App for Spain that will allow the little ones in the house to enjoy their favorite series from their mobile or tablet for free. This application allows you to watch content on demand or watch it live, as long as it is being transmitted of course.

beIN Sports

If you are a football fan and want watch all the matches of your favorite teamWell, this is the application you should download. Watch soccer on Android It is possible with beIN Sports, as long as you have a subscription. The service costs €9.99 per month and will allow you to watch a lot of live content.


This app for watch free tv on android It will allow you to enjoy the following channels: BeMad, Divinity, Boing, Factoría de Ficción, Cuatro and Telecinco. It is worth mentioning that the application fulfills its mission well, it is also free and offers live content. The developers recommend using a WiFi network to avoid problems when watching television from your mobile.

TV Spain

This is a very good option for watch DTT channels in Spain. Thanks to this tool you will be able to watch free and live channels. It is worth mentioning that until you give it 5 stars on Google Play you will not be able to see all the available channels.

The application works very simply. You just have to click on the channel to enjoy the content that is being broadcast live.

Before saying goodbye, we want to clarify that all applications are legal. Here we do not show you any illegal method to watch TV for free. The apps that appear here have agreements with the TV channels so that they can be viewed from the mobile.