The best apps for Christmas on Android

Christmas is just around the corner. The holidays are approaching, so it’s time to get together with family and friends. It is also the time for congratulations. In short, a time that many await and that can also be transferred to your android device. We can find many Christmas applications to download.

From congratulations to wallpapers, everything you need to get into the spirit of Christmas. Here we leave you with a selection of the best apps for christmas that we can download on our Android phone. Ready to meet them?

A selection as varied as possible, since each of these applications fulfills a different task. But all of them manage to capture the spirit of these holidays. We present them all below.


We start the list with a classic that could not be missing. Surely more than one of you have already received or made your own animation turned into elves. We can create an animation with Santa’s helpers dancing. We just need to put our face to said elves. A fun option that works very well every year.

The we can download free on Android, although it contains purchases inside. But they are not too annoying.

Christmas greetings

The very name of the application already leaves us with total clarity about its operation. thanks to this app we can create our own Christmas cards. We can create congratulations of all kinds, even memes. So the results can be the most fun and original. In addition to being able to decide at all times what to include in the congratulations.

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The download of this application is free. It has no in-app purchases, although it does have ads. But they are not too annoying.

free christmas backgrounds

Also you can give your Android device a Christmas touch In a very simple way. Simply downloading a series of wallpapers. This is how we transform the image of our phone in a very comfortable and simple way. This application is the ideal option since it has more than 100 different wallpapers among which to choose.

The downloading the application is free and we also do not find any ads. So it is certainly an ideal option.

Christmas Face Editor

We can this application consider as a direct alternative to the first on the list. On this occasion we can create all kinds of Christmas cards and greetings. What we have to do later is add our face to the one we have chosen. So the results can be very funny. Thus, you can congratulate the holidays to your friends and family.

The The app is free to download and there are no purchases inside.. So it is undoubtedly a most comfortable option.

Christmas postcards

An application that allows us to create our own Christmas postcards. The best thing is that we have a wide variety of designs available that allow us to do something very original. Can use our own photos or use the backgrounds that the application has for us. Both options are valid. We create a totally personalized design.

The Android app download is free. Although inside we find ads. But, we can remove them in exchange for the payment of an amount.

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Free cooking recipes

This app is not a Christmas app as such. It is a great option for cook for the holidays. Since we find a wide selection of recipes of all kinds. Including desserts and vegetarian dishes. So everything you want to cook can be easily found in the application. We meet also with special recipes for Christmas.

The app download is freealthough we find purchases within it.

These are our favorite Christmas apps. We can download them all very easily on our Android device and thus give the phone a Christmas touch. What do you think of these applications?

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