The best Android apps to measure sleep

Everyone knows the huge number of applications that are available on Android. The best thing is that many of the applications that are available can be very helpful. They can help us make our life a little better or easier. Our phone can come in handy to improve our health. Since we have many applications that help monitor sleep.

Sleep is important to rest, have energy again and on many occasions it helps us feel better if we are sick. Many people may sleep poorly from time to time, or don’t know if they’ve been waking up a lot at night. For that, we have applications that help us measure sleep. Here we leave you with the best.

These applications are going to be of enormous help to us to have information about our nocturnal activity. In order to obtain information that can explain us about sleep and thus be able to create healthier sleep routines. What apps are on this list?

Sleep Better with Runtastic

It is an application that you can connect with Runtastic, so you can have greater control over your physical activity and also the night. So you can get much more out of both applications. Since there may be a connection between the two. If you are a user of the other application it is a good idea to have both installed. Thanks to this you can control if you sleep well.

The download of the application on Android is free. Although we find shopping inside.

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It is an application that works very well, although it may not sound familiar to many. Has many additional features, but it works perfectly if you are looking for one to control your sleep. The application will help us measure our rhythms and will keep track of our sleep patterns. Also, we can do a backup with these data and save it in the cloud. In case we want to share the information with our doctor.

The download of this application to measure sleep on Android is free. In addition, we do not find purchases or advertisements inside it.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

In theory it is simply an application that acts as an alarm. But It offers us many additional functions that make it a very interesting option, so it can also help us measure sleep. Since this is one of the additional functions that it includes. It helps us measure our sleepboth the quantity and the quality of it. Also, if you are someone who has trouble waking up in the morning, includes many types of alarms.

The download of this application for Android is free. Although inside we find that there are purchases to unlock certain functions.


This Android application offers us the same basic functions as the other applications. so we It will help to measure our sleep, both in quantity and quality. It will offer us information about how well or poorly we have slept. In addition, it offers us a very interesting function and that is that can measure snoring. So you will be able see if they are frequent, in addition to checking the decibels they reach. Since you may need to go to the doctor for them.

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The download of this application for Android is free. Although we find purchases inside it.


It is a fairly recent application, but it is worth taking into account. As gives us a lot of informationespecially you have to highlight highly detailed graphics that offers. Because thanks to them we have very visual information about our sleep rhythm and routines. Besides, it will tell us when we sleep better or when we are more restless.

The download of this application for Android is free. Although inside it there are purchases

These are the best sleep tracker apps available on Android.

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