The best alternatives to Fortnite and PUBG for Android

Fortnite and PUBG are two games that are causing a real sensation in the market. These are titles that are very popular among users from all over the world, so we are going to be listening to them for a long time. Especially now that its arrival on Android phones is already official.. But, the good thing is that we also have many similar games that are a good alternative that are worth considering.

Because, Then we leave you with the best alternatives to Fortnite and PUBG that we are currently available on Android. Although it is good to mention that these games that we are talking about below stand out for their high graphic consumption. So that they’re better if you have a higher-end phone available.

Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battleground are two titles that already have a large legion of followers. A figure that also promises to increase in the coming months. They are two of the most popular games on Android in the near future. This is a sure thing. What alternatives have crept into this list?

free fire

This survival game is very interesting and very popular on Android. Since their downloads exceed 10 million. We start on a remote island and have a 10-minute game where we can go head-to-head. up to a maximum of 50 players. Something that undoubtedly gives the game a lot of spectacularity. Each player has the possibility to freely choose their starting point with the parachute. Our task is to survive. For this we will have to run, hide, attack when necessary and above all be very intelligent. Since the strategy is going to help us a lot to survive.

The game has great graphics that greatly help its story. We can create custom clans and we have a voice chat if we create teams of 4 players. So we can be in contact at all times with our allies. A great game worth considering for Android.

This Android game is a free-to-play classic. So the download of the game is free. Although inside it we find purchases to be able to access some parts of it. Purchases can reach 54.99 euros in some specific cases. An excessive amount, but luckily it is not necessary to pay to be able to advance.

Rules of Survival

This is possibly the most popular game of this type that we can find for Android phones. Too It is the most downloaded to date and has 100 million users. So it is certainly a great success. The operation of the game does not present too many surprises for the users. Since we are going to land on a terrain in which we have to survive. Because, it is important that we equip ourselves well and have the best weapons at our disposal to be able to face our enemies when necessary. Strategy once again plays a determining role in this title.

Since we have to know when to hide, when is the best time to attack and thus be able to get out of these situations alive. We have multiplayer games in this Android game. Up to 120 different players can take part in them. In addition, it integrates various game modes, so we can select the one we like the most. We have game modes like Fast and Furious, Pick up and Use and Last Man Standing available in it.

Downloading this game for Android is free. Although, it is a free-to-play classic. So we find shopping inside it. In some cases they are necessary purchases to advance in it. What’s more, there are purchases that reach 104.99 euros. A price really excessive and unnecessary. Fortunately, not all in-game purchases are necessary in order to progress.