Telegram receives improvements in the interface, stickers and bots 2.0 in the new version 3.8.0

We are in a day of updates and now it is Telegram that gets on this train after the last one received. That app that is getting certain messaging apps to shake of text like WhatsApp when knowing that recently it reached 100 million active monthly users, which can mean that at any moment it explodes its use and multiplies those hundreds of millions. That could happen at some point, since the more users one has in the contact list, the more time it will spend with it and less with others.

Now Telegram has been updated with tweaks to the interface, the inclusion of stickers from the pack preview menu and what is the API for bots 2.0, the biggest update for this functionality according to the team itself since June 2015. Among those bots that are already active can be found: @music, @sticker, @youtube or @foursquare. It is Telegram itself that warns that more will be arriving apart from those four that you can already try and that we will then break apart from the other novelties related to the design.

Before going into the big news related to Bots 2.0, comment that in the design part of the application has been retouched with some redesigned chat windows, optimized colors, new buttons and bubbles for messages, beautiful progress bars, renewed documents and other attachments. In this way, Telegram defines those points where users tend to relegate to do their daily things with this great app that is improving enormously to distance itself from the competition without others doing much for it.

The other novelty outside of Bots 2.0 is the ability to see any sticker and add it to your collection. From the pack preview menu you can send them simply and easily.

The big update: Bots 2.0

Those of you who use Telegram daily will surely you have gotten a lot out of @gif. A fun and simple way to share all kinds of animated Gifs with the contacts or groups with whom you usually talk and that is giving a lot of life and fun from this app known as Telegram.

Today Telegram gives developers a new dimension with Bots 2.0: new integrated keypads with callback, buttons to “open URL” or “switch to integrated mode” and the ability to edit existing messages on the fly by interacting with them. These new bots can also generate any type of content so that you can share it with your friends, including documents, MP3s, videos, stickers, animations and contacts.

To whet your appetite, you can tinker with four new bots: @music, @youtube, @foursquare and @sticker. Telegram defines the new possibilities of Bots 2.0 in four important sections:

New keyboards and actions

@music works in such a way that uses a built-in keyboard that allows you to interact with him without sending any messages. It updates with its own messages in real time as you scroll through the results on the page.

New types of content

The same bot @music works with the built-in mode which means that it can help you to send MP3 to any of your chats from the text input field itself. This type of integrated bots can send all kinds of attachments that are available on Telegram.

Another of this type of bots is @sticker that takes care of finding featured stickers for you based on an emoticon or emoji.

New mechanics

Like the @music bot, @youtube also works in two ways. Use a nifty way to switch between the two mechanisms to connect your Telegram account to YouTube. Once the account is connected, extra settings can be accessed from the menu option.

New permits

@foursquare is now a built-in bot that uses the new localization features and helps the user to send addresses of nearby places. The first time it will ask for permission to use your location.

With all these new features in the API, Telegram he wants this year to be the one for bots for your application and more developers are encouraged to integrate it, since it can offer a great string of characteristics to the user if they know how to apply them well.