Telegram in 3.17 brings support for custom themes

A couple of weeks ago desktop version updated Telegram with one of the most striking news for what is the customization of an application. The themes came to the desktop of our PCs in Telegram to dress them with those themes that have been produced by countless users since that update was available.

We were hoping, therefore, that we would have them on Android for apply different themes and thus decorate our favorite chat app with different themes. It is today when the Android version, 3.17, has been updated with support for custom themes and the ability to create them yourself from the powerful editor.

On the day we know that the deployment of WhatsApp States begins, Telegram also has a nice surprise with the custom themes that it has launched exclusively on mobile for Android. IOS users will have to wait for a new future update to be able to avail themselves of them.

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Telegram in 3.17 brings support for custom themes

Version 3.17 comes with 3 basic themes for customization. One is the standard, another is blue and the most curious is the dark one. The backgrounds fit perfectly with the customization of the theme, so it will be up to you to select one or the other. Although the interesting thing is the ability to create your own theme if we have the time for it.

You can visit the @Themes channel if you want to know what other users are doing with their own themes. The editor allows change colors and those details that make the Telegram chat app visually, at least what the interface is visually modified.

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This new version should be available from the Google Play Store. If not, I refer you to the APK in apkmirror below so that you do not miss the opportunity to dress Telegram on Android.

Download the Telegram APK.