Telegram adds support for HTML 5 games

Thanks to the HTML 5 programming language and the latest Telegram update for Android, from now on users will be able to play the odd game of games very similar to those found in the Google Play Store, but without having to quit the app.

Telegram, for many the best instant messaging application that exists today, above WhatsApp, has reached its version 3.13 releasing the Gaming Platform that will also allow you to activate the games in any conversation, so that you do not enjoy them alone.

With Telegram you can now play without leaving the app

The new version of Telegram 3.13 for Android is now available for free download on the App Store and incorporates games in HTML 5 language that we mentioned to you.

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To start enjoying this new feature, in addition to having updated Telegram, all you have to do is mention any of the available bots so that, immediately, all the games it has will appear. Select your favorite game and let it rip!

When you select the game, it loads as if it were a website, so another window will open to play. They are therefore one hundred percent online games that are not stored within Telegram and that, therefore, they will not take up any space.

Also, as you go along, your scores will be published in the chat where you have opened the game. So you can start competing with your friends to see who gets the most points.

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Surely very soon the Telegram bots with HTML 5 games. At the moment, a server, not very fond of games, everything is said in passing, is going to leave you two quite good ones:

  • @gamebot, which includes three sets
  • @gamee, which already has more than thirty games

We more or less like this novelty, what is clear is that Telegram is always ahead. Or do you not believe it?