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System update to version 3.00 is now available

System update to version 3.00 is now available

There are many changes, although some really key novelties are missing.

The most changes concern cooperation with PS4, but in turn:

PS4 Link – a new application that will allow you to control the desktop console system, play PS4 games on the Vita screen and use the handheld as a second display (if the developer implements such a function).

Parental control – it will allow you to set a time limit for playing, watching movies or using some features of the console (e.g. a web browser).

Panoramic photos – a gadget known from smartphones. Unfortunately, a poor webcam will rather limit its usefulness. In addition, there will be an option to preview such photos with the possibility of scrolling them using the position sensor.

Friends – the application interface has been improved and new tabs have been added to it: find friends, friends, invitations and blocked.

Messages –the icon and the program interface have been changed. The ability to receive messages sent from PS4 and the PlayStation mobile application has also been added.

Chat – changed the interface and added the ability to chat with PS4 users.

E-mail – added feature to sync contacts from Gmail or Yahoo account

Content manager – its capabilities have been extended by wireless (via Wi-Fi) data transfer between Vita and PS3. This requires both devices to be connected to the same network. The desktop console software must be version 4.50 or later.

In addition, the option to automatically update the Vity system will appear, the name of Remote Play will be changed to PS3 Remote Play and you will be able to view trophies from PS4.

As you can see there is no madness, although there are many changes. However, there is nothing really important (e.g. a revised web browser or an on-screen keyboard). It’s a pity, because I expected a little more from the full number.

For dessert, a video presenting the upcoming changes:

PSV system software archive