Star Wars Battlefront II Adds 4-Player Co-Op Update

Star Wars Battlefront II will be updated next Wednesday, September 25, free for all players. Its novelties include Instant Action mode, a 4 player co-op mode, a new planet, a new character and much more.

Cooperative mode comes to Star Wars Battlefront II

In a few hours, the Cooperative Update will be available in Star Wars Battlefront II for all platforms. As its name suggests, the most outstanding novelty of this content consists of a new cooperative mode for 4 players. In it, we will have to fight against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence through levels set in the Clone Wars era. Similarly, we can play the familiar mode Instant Action of Star wars battlefront in these same spaces.

Felucia is the name of the new destination to which we will travel within Star Wars Battlefront II. According to its creators, on this planet we will find a vegetation based on tentacles, toxic mushrooms and some other surprise, like a giant sarlacc hidden inside a pit.

He Clone Command, a new type of soldier, will also be playable starting this Wednesday. Thanks to your DC-17M repeating blaster and to repulsor which is incorporated into its left arm, provides us with a flexibility that is very useful to combat both weak and armored enemies. Their ability Attention reduces the damage our allies take and allows him to heal himself when he damages enemies.

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By last, from October 11 to 18 we will have the possibility to get hold of it farmer skin of Luke Skywalker, based on the outfit from A New Hope. To achieve this, it will be enough to defeat 150 enemies controlled by artificial intelligence within the new cooperative mode.

Star Wars Battlefront II is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, while this new update will be released on Wednesday, September 25.

What do you think of the new cooperative mode in Star Wars Battlefront II? Have you already prepared your squad for this Wednesday? Let us know in the comment section!