Sony triumphs with PlayStation VR and has already sold almost a million copies

There is no doubt that the way of playing video games has changed in recent years, and companies are increasingly looking for new ways to innovate in this sector to offer new playable proposals to the public. For several years, the technology of the virtual reality is in development, and Sony has been the last to get down to business with PlayStation VR, which is being a sales success all over the world.

PlayStation VR is close to one million units sold worldwide.

This has been confirmed Andrew House of Sony Computer Entertainment for the New York Times, communicating that the company’s latest big bet is selling at a rate they did not expect, reaching to date 915,000 units sold all over the world, in just 4 months from its launch on the market. House acknowledges that it is a figure that meets and exceeds expectations, since it was thought to reach one million devices sold by the month of April. The manager attributes this success to the organization when it comes to selling PlayStation VR:

It is a classic case of organization, the people who are in the front line of sales are always very excited, with expectations skyrocketing. You have to modulate them a bit with other voices in the company, and I include myself among them, who said that you had to be a little more cautious.

There is no doubt that the future of videogames has its passage through virtual reality, and we already want to see how it continues evolving this market.

Do you already have a PlayStation VR with you? Did you expect this great reception?