Skull & Bones: A New Multiplayer Naval Battle Game

Skull & Bones has been one of the protagonists of the conference Ubisoft, which has not stopped presenting new titles for the future of the video game. This game, specifically, is developed by Ubisoft singapore, and presents a pirate experience unlimited.

Skull & Bones proposes players to fight in online mode, with the most epic naval battles. The game will arrive for the Xbox One family and also for PC.

Without a doubt, this title has been one of the surprises night, since very few people expected a title of world open of multiplayer character, and as if this were not enough, with a pirate atmosphere. As we have learned in the conference, this title will come to late of the year 2018, so there is still a lot to know, but we have already seen his first trailer.

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In it, we can see the playability of this title, as well as its combat system, and its characteristics most relevant:

Did you expect a game with these characteristics?