Securing your Xiaomi with Smart Lock is that simple

One of the most important novelties that Lollipop brought was undoubtedly SmartLock. Thanks to this system, we can have more options when it comes to blocking our smartphones. Of course, also in models of Xiaomi.

However, despite being a very useful resource, is still a great unknown for many users. If you have a Xiaomi mobile and want to know how to configure Smart Lock, keep reading and you will see how simple it is.

How to configure Smart Lock on a Xiaomi?

Google wanted to offer another smart way to unlock devices. That is why in 2015 it opted for this feature, which had been introduced by Motorola. Before showing how to configure it, a brief explanation of what Smart Lock is and what possibilities it offers.

What is SmartLock?

This is one of the main features of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Basically, your goal is to keep lock screens from being a hassle. How? Because with options that allow you to automatically disable securityas long as they occur a series of conditions set by the user. It also makes it possible to store our passwords in a cloud, and thus be able to have them at any time.

The most common is to use a pinan Pattern or one password to unlock the terminal. Of course, also the fingerprints, if a reader is available. But these methods can end up being heavy every time we unlock. To avoid the inconvenience, there are those who finally choose to leave their device without blocking.

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It is not a recommended measure, since the smartphone is left without protection. In stead of, Smart Lock is a more comfortable alternative. Because it is important don’t neglect safety and use systems to preserve the privacy of what our mobiles store.

How to activate Smart Lock on Xiaomi?

Depending on the manufacturer and whether or not you add your customization layer, you have to follow one route or another. This system is also available in Xiaomi models, which have the MIUI layer. The question of know where it is activated. It is necessary have previously configured some unlocking method (pattern, pin, password or fingerprints).

The first thing is to go to Settings of the terminal and look for the section Additional settings. Then click on Privacy and enter Trusted Agents. There, in SmartLock (Google), check the button to activate it. Depending on the model, you may find Smart Lock directly in the Privacy section, just below the unlock method. Upon entering, you will find these four options.

  • body detection. Allows you to keep your device unlocked while you carry it. You only need to unlock it once, and it will stay that way until it detects that you left it somewhere.
  • Trusted sites. It is an option that makes use of GPS to add those locations where we do not want the smartphone to be blocked.
  • trusted devices. Provides the ability to add another device via Bluetooth so that the phone remains unlocked while connected to it. For example, a smartwatch or an activity bracelet, as well as a hands-free car kit.
  • voice unlock. It’s about voice detection with Ok Google. You can choose to be active from any screen and the phone to unlock when it recognizes your voice. You need to configure the voice model. Simply repeat “Ok Google” three times and it will store the sound for detection.
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As you can see, configuring the Smart Lock options on your Xiaomi is simple. If you are thinking of renewing it, take a look at the 5 Xiaomi perfect for Spain, or the 3 best Xiaomi phones at a discount. In any case, whatever security method you decide on, the important thing is that you keep your smartphone protected. These are tough times for privacy.