Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra Now Available: The League of Legends Card Game

Legends of Runeterra is the new game from a Riot Games that is determined to make a big dent in gaming from a mobile device. This time she does it from a card game of her iconic MOBA League of Legends; and that by the way we already want this one to land.

A game that goes by that as known as Cross-platform and that allows us to cross the games from a PC to an Android mobile. In other words, the progress stays in the cloud so you can enjoy your online multiplayer games from any device. Go for it.

Perfectly designed technically and visually with voices in Spanish

Legends of Runeterra comes from Riot Games with homework more than done in terms of visual design and engaging gameplay. If to this we add that it’s in spanish, even with voiceselevates its category to place itself in a very special position for Hispanic players.

The fact of being able to hear the tutorial that teaches us the ins and outs in Spanish and with each of its well-known characters telling the secrets of the game, it will be the best letter of introduction; This is where it distances itself from GWENT, since this one, although it does have a tutorial that teaches the mechanics well, does not reach the level of the one released yesterday by Riot Games.

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Are the most mythical champions those that are present in Legends of Runeterra as well as new ones that you will meet. An important point to bring to its bosom all those thousands of players who at some point went through LOL and who can now have part of their background in this game.

Legends of Runeterra gameplay

There are many card games, and among the best we have Hearthstone and the latest GWENT, which we have called the best Androidsis game of the month. Legends of Runeterra gameplay goes more for the one based on The Witcher and we will have to defend the points of our tower to eliminate the enemy.

We have a series of skills to attack, block and more, and everything will depend on the class we have on the cards. The truth is that we advise you to be well focused when you go through the tutorial, since it can easily take you half an hour to understand the ins and outs of a card game that looks very good.

Can choose to play against the AI ​​and thus try the different decks: Strength and Dexterity, Death and Spiders and Spells and Stealth. Then we have the different challenges to get into the game mechanics and finally, when we get through those first games, we can get into the player versus player games. Exactly where the thing is with this card game from Riot Games.

Great first step taken by Riot Games

In the game mechanics we will have to be very accurate to know how to block and attack at the right moments. Pay attention to the tutorial to get hold of it, since it has more depth than we could intuit at first. If we look at the first step taken by Riot Games, it seems that everything is well orchestrated. We must also note that the PC version was released earlier, so on Android we have already collected everything optimized for a game that is going to lead the way in the coming months.

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Visually it is a luxury with those visual effects and sound effects that put the icing on the cake. Although we stay with the voices in Spanish that are very inviting to play and generate a special experience that we always look for in this type of game. Technically it is very successful and we did not find a slowdown. It is noted that we are currently facing one of the most fashionable video game studios. Now it remains for them to release updates and give that content that encourages the roost in the gaming community.

Legends of Runeterra arrives with all the desire to become another of the best games of this year 2020. It is not going to be easy since it is going to face the one that has been giving a lot of play for years like Blizzard, and one that has been out for weeks and that continues to leave us speechless for all the gaming experience that generate. We will see.

Editor’s opinion

Spectacular in every way and with voices in Spanish. He knows how to play his cards thanks to LoL, although he is going to face the series offers from Blizzard and CD Project..

Punctuation: 7.3

The best

  • Provides a cool gaming experience to immerse yourself in it
  • voices in spanish
  • Depth in its mechanics and with different modes
  • The LoL Champions


  • Not easy to understand at first

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