Review: Zen Pinball 2 – Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One

The film “Rogue One: Star Wars – Stories” had its premiere in theaters in mid-December. Strange that ZEN Studios releases a dedicated table a month and a half later, it’s also a pity that there is only one. But any opportunity to return to the Jedi world, even if we don’t see them, is worth taking advantage of.

The table is transparent and does not look complicated. The loops and tracks around the center field are laid very sparingly. Sometimes the tables are full of everything and seem overloaded. Here the creators went the other way, it does not bother much, because the main stage, where we direct most of the balls, is a lot of fun. It is located at the end of a wide tunnel that runs along almost the entire table. We get four paddles, they are placed correctly, but paradoxically the bottom left is discriminated against. Most of the balls returning from the main field of play go to the right field and for 3/4 of the game we will handle the balls with it. Of course, as always, the fun is stimulated by a well-scored plot.

The story, just like in the movie, revolves around the theft of the Death Star plans by rebels. The missions have a time limit, so we can’t measure strokes indefinitely. Unfortunately, it brings closer the specter of losing balls with narrow fields next to the paddles, which cannot be saved. We start the plot by hitting the boxes on the main stage responsible for the Rogue letters. We begin the mission with the elimination of three targets three times. Next we start with punches of a full set of letters, there are 10 in total. We will have to precisely shoot at targets avoiding stormtroopers, drive the rotor to fire K-2SO or avoid the moving AT-ACTs, all this to finally get Orson Krennic. All the missions are presented nicely at the top of the table that keeps changing. Most have animated models that influence the atmosphere and atmosphere of the table.

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Graphically, the table looks good, there are a lot of animated characters and everything is transparent. You can find fault with some design elements, but it’s a matter of taste and our attachment to characters. All the time we see large images of the characters from the movie, I am not as close to them as I am with the old characters from the old trilogies. Therefore, I would prefer to display them more economically. This arrangement is influenced by the sparse structure of the table and a lot of free space, but not everyone will be bothered by it. I also had some animation drops. When it comes to music, it is atmospheric, it fits perfectly on the table. The real atmosphere was made here by the sounds. The sounds of the blasters, such iconic pee-pee sounds perfect as always. The sounds of flying fighters and everything that happens during the game make a perfect background. As always, I would like to remind you that the game supports 3D TVs and it looks great, it’s worth checking out.

If you are hungry for points, this is the table for you. If you are a Star Wars fan, even more so. Unfortunately, if you are allergic to the atmosphere of the cosmic saga, you should look around for other tables. The repetition of the initial quests can finish you off if you lose balls, unfortunately we don’t have a completely free choice of missions here. It was my ninth table in the Star Wars universe and I would put it on my favorites list for the first half. It costs PLN 16.50 on each console, unfortunately we used to get two tables for a little more. Despite the fact that it is not a perfect table, it is worth checking it out. Fans of the universe can add one spot to the rating.

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Portal rating: 7.5

We would like to thank ZEN Studios for providing the code

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