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Review: Zen Pinball 2 – Portal 2

Review: Zen Pinball 2 – Portal 2

Zen Pinball 2 has once again expanded the range of licenses that we can find in it. This time it was the Valve brand, exactly the world of Portal came to the platform of our favorite pinball. I have to admit, it’s a very nice change from the last months dominated by the Marvel and Star Wars tables. Besides, we cannot complain about Chell’s excess of adventures. In 2007, the first part of Portal appeared, it was a modification of the first Half-Lif, it was very successful and gathered a group of fans who still create films, animations, music and drawings inspired by the world of tests and portals. After four years, the developers provided us with a full-fledged sequel, for which we no longer had to wait on consoles. The game filled with a dense atmosphere, fantastic humor and unconventional characters was remembered for a long time. Once again, we can return to the Aperture Science research complex, this year thanks to Zen Pinball 2.

The collection is joined by one table in a new atmosphere, it looks very neat, is rich in details and, unlike the last tables, has a very subdued color scheme. The previous ones provided us with a color break by presenting eye-pleasing worlds, here we have subdued sterile graphics in the style of the test rooms of the Enrichment Center of our research facility. Seemingly, everything is clearly visible, the pockets and guides are visible, but hitting them can cause trouble. We also have portals on the table that carry our ball between them, it does not cause confusion and there are not too many of them, on other pincers we can lose the ball in more surprising circumstances. GLaDOS reigns at the top of the table, and behind it there is a large screen with pictures with instructions that we could meet in previous games.

These pictures show us which mission we have chosen and perfectly introduce the atmosphere of the world. We have six tasks after completing which we have to fight GLaDOS. In one of them, we open an additional table located in the central part of the basic, in others we have to show precision to guide the balls to the right places for which we have a limited time, which is constantly chasing us. We launch our missions by hitting the elevator with a ball, which we always used to visit in Portals for the next test, you surely remember those pressure tubes. Everything here reminds us of the climate that we are slowly forgetting, because unfortunately we do not have another part of the Portal on the horizon. That is why we should be all the more happy that we can move back to this universe and meet characters known from the original, like Chell, thinking on the platform all the time how to beat the test and sequels like Atlas and P-Body, whose studded stripes trigger multi-balls. One could be tempted to use gels known from the second part, e.g. accelerator, which are easy to use in the world of flippers.

As I mentioned, there is only one table, so it costs PLN 12.50 as standard in the cross-buy option. It is of medium difficulty and after mastering the most important beds, you can comfortably score points, but specific goals can tire you with further attempts. Most importantly, the table is not exaggerated, and in this world it is easy to do so. I would recommend it to anyone, but people who like prototypes will have the most fun.