Review: Star Wars Pinball – I have a good feeling about this

Star Wars Pinball combines two passions of ZEN Studios – Star Wars and pinball. Are they able to infect other people with their interests?

Star Warsor also star Wars is a series that everyone has heard of. As with pinball machines – there is probably no person who would not even see a slot machine in the arcade. Flippers come in countless thematic variants. This year’s edition is aimed at fans of the star saga of George Lucas. The question is whether pinball has a chance to coexist with the brand Star Wars. It turns out that it is possible!

At the beginning I will introduce the rules of the game. Pinball in its basic version consists in directing the ball placed in the machine in such a way that it passes through the elements that give as many points as possible. These rules are of course transferred to Star Wars Pinball, although they are not without variety. For example, instead of having one ball, we will act two or more, we will have to reach a given point threshold in the right time or we will be able to use pinballers only a certain number of times.

The greatest advantageZEN Studios’ works are additional possibilities offered by tables. Depending on the mission, different characters and quests will appear on the tables. For example, we can fight Darth Maul, act with the Emperor, control BB-8 or try to resolve a conflict between droids. By shooting the ball in the right places, we gain different point values, but we also open the possibility of activating special places on the tables. Each table is also equipped with a location at which we can target in order to perform the so-called skill shot – a very highly scored shot, often increasing our score by several million points. The possibility of interacting with the tables is a lot – and this we have to collect (of course with ball hits) all the letters that make up the word FALCON, and this is helping in the fight between Jedi and Sith, and this is fixing the Millennium Falcon, and this is again helping Rey in training her . It all looks very interesting and I admit that I didn’t think you could get so much out of a pinball. And this is just the tip of the iceberg or – sticking to Star Wars – the tip of the lightsaber.

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The story campaign consists of over one hundred missions! For their performance, we get crystals, which we then spend on passive perks and active special powers. The first group includes, among other things, a greater point bonus if you use several balls at the same time, a greater chance of saving a lost ball (going beyond the area of ​​the right and left blades), or, for example, greater multipliers of points. On the other hand, active abilities are turned on by us and last for a period of time, after which they must renew. We may have one such ability assigned to us. Activate it by pressing Y on the right Joy-Con, or by touching the ability icon on the screen. You need to know that Star Wars Pinball optionally uses the Switch’s touchscreen. Control in this way is efficient and each of the options we choose is properly activated.

Star Wars Pinball it also offers various types of multiplayer game modes and achievements to earn. Network skirmishes do not suffer from any technical problems and I have never been disconnected while playing via Wi-Fi. I have a small objection to online functionality. Our player level only increases if we are connected to the internet. It does not have any significant role and it might not even be in the reviewed production. However, if someone wants to see as many as possible with their nickname, and travels a lot and does not always have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, they will not be able to increase their level. It is a pity that its progress is not saved locally, so it is not possible to synchronize the progress after re-establishing the connection.

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Audio in Star Wars Pinball is amazing. We hear all the time known from the movies in the series star Wars songs (such as a canteen recording, a Darth Vader theme, or a music theme from Revenge of the Sith), although a few are missing to my full satisfaction. We can choose what music to play while browsing the main menu – I decided to do the Imperial March, but at the same time I regretted that it was not possible to choose the phenomenal Duel of Fates. Staying with the sound, mention should be made of the license for star Warsthat ZEN Studios has. Thanks to this, we can hear fully official recordings during our game, and in addition, original dialogue lines are spoken from time to time, matching what is happening on the table. The sound side is masterfully organized.

Star Wars Pinball it is in my opinion the best pinball simulator on the market. License for star Wars it has a very positive effect on the fun of hours spent in the game. I did not think that I would get so caught up in this title. Meanwhile, it offers 19 tables inspired by the movie saga (including the series The Clone War) and allows you to forget about the world around us. The gameplay is enriched by occasionally giving us BB-8 at our disposal, or putting us in the role of a Jedi knight who is to avoid Lord Vader attacks. At the same time, these actions do not break our rhythm, but are a nice diversion. The reviewed production is great fun for many hours. I recommend this game to everyone.

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We thank ZEN Studios for providing the review code.