Review: Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition (PS4)

Somehow it happened that I found me to go to the field and start growing electronic farming.

To this day, I cannot understand the phenomenon of Farming Simulator 19. It is the type of game that amazes me when it comes to the simplicity of the game and the number of units sold.

GIANTS Software they made a game that made me feel what it’s like to be a farmer. And the truth is, it was an interesting experience. Not only is this the first time I have crashed into a simulator, but I’ve also played a game about being a farmer.

To be honest, I was not entirely positive that it happened to me to describe something like this to you. I have not had contact with this series before and I did not think that I would be able to control it all.

My beginnings in this new profession were tough and I felt like a child in the fog because I really didn’t know what or how to do it. I felt downright overwhelmed by the amount of it all.

I have to admit one thing to the creators. They gave us a really large arsenal of agricultural equipment. There are plenty of tractors, plows, mowers, and if I had to replace it like that, we wouldn’t be finished soon.

Here, in principle, the first problem appears, and at the same time a strong point. On the one hand, it’s great that there is so much of it, but on the other hand, someone who plays for the first time Farming Simulator, she’s just going to lose track of it all very quickly.

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However, it doesn’t stop there. There is a lot of everything for the base game. The Premium Edition gives players access to all the add-ons and expansions that have seen the light of day so far. The definition that you can go crazy here is absolutely right.

It is worth noting here that the reviewed edition also gave me access to the new extension Alpine agriculturewhich adds a new map called Erlengrat, and this one is inspired by Alpine views. Unfortunately, we do not meet Milka’s cow and a marmot, which wraps chocolate in silverware.

I must admit that my first steps while playing farmer ended tragically. You really get lost in all of this at times. But what is the Wiki about and a lot of materials on the web that more or less advised how to start working on a farm.

Let us not get ourselves wrong here. The creators tried to include tutorials in their game, but the truth is that they are not entirely clear enough for us to know what to do with ourselves and with the field. At least I didn’t quite know.

However, when we are more aware, the game is addictive and I would even say a word of relaxing here. This is not a production that I would reach for, but it has its charms, and these come out over time.

Farming Simulator 19 there are also minuses. The biggest thing that struck me is the fact that the artificial intelligence in this production is at a fairly low level, which is a terrible solution with such a project as a farm.

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During the game, we can hire helpers so that our business does not collapse. However, in many cases we will have to improve a lot of things because our people will just sometimes create chaos instead of controlling it.

An interesting addition is the system of orders from other farmers, which not only gives us the opportunity to make extra money, but also to test equipment that we do not have yet. It is an interesting springboard from embracing self-interest.

When it comes to graphics, you can’t fault it. The visual side is at a decent level. The problem arises elsewhere. So what if the world is nice when it is empty? Yes, this game is largely empty space, as if it were all dummy cardboard.

The controls are also not particularly successful or well done. You can see that it is rather a project more for personal computers. At least I have the impression that it would be easier to grasp with just such peripherals, and not raining from the console.

Farming Simulator 19 that’s something that surprised me positively. Really, if not for the fact that it’s hard to get started and you can see that some elements can be done better, I would recommend everyone to take this title blindly. Unfortunately, however, everything that I experienced during the game confirms my belief that many players can bounce back from it all.

Was it a pleasant experience? Average, but a new baby GIANTS Software I will surely remember it for a long time.

We would like to thank the CENEGA company for the review code