PUBG Mobile is 100% renewed for the “New era” in version 1.0 that will arrive on September 8

a few hours ago PUBG Mobile has announced a series of major news that will arrive on September 8. A full stop for Tencent Games’ battle royale through which hundreds of millions of players have passed in these years of travel.

And while it is infested with hackers, an issue that the Chinese company does not seem to solve, they do continue to add quality content to rejuvenate the gaming experience that even receives important novelties in the technology of the graphics, the interface and other improvements that we are going to comment on below; apart from something mysterious that they still keep hidden.

The announcement of the new Era with version 1.0 of PUBG Mobile

The goal of version 1.0 is to completely transform PUBG Mobile with the implementation of graphic improvements to offer a better gaming experience in one of the most fashionable battle royales. New technologies for when we are in the game and a new interface that will allow us to better enjoy those moments when we are assembling our team or simply in the store to buy a new skin for a weapon.

In other words, Tencent Games wants the version 1.0 be a full stop in this journey of three years in which PUBG Mobile has established itself as one of the best mobile games we have ever had. They now have the base so that 1.0 puts the icing on the cake; although we still hope they do something real with the hackers that plague the game and that leads many to stop playing it.

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New technologies in graphics

These new technologies can be summarize in three important aspects of PUBG Mobile– Character enhancements, improved combat graphics, and an updated environment. That is, radical changes in the most important elements of the gaming experience of this battle royale.

For example, as far as character upgrades are concerned, let’s find a rendering in the lobby based on the same one that is used when we are playing in combat or on those points that improve qualitatively such as smoke, various particles or how the peephole perspective offers new effects.

There are also improvements to the falling animations to make them more realistic when the player lands on the ground. In the environment we have new graphic effects such as transmission of light or improved shading in quality. Just as vegetation, clouds or even the effects of water have been given more life.

And best of all, it seems to be that 1.0 also reduces lag by 76% and improves FPS by 30%, so there is room for us not to suffer with all that graphic innovation.

New completely renovated lobby in PUBG Mobile

Also Tencent Games has put the tilde on a new interface that looks completely renovated in the new lobby. One that is based on these three new aspects: new interaction, new interface and improved system animations.

We can talk about a new color palette that is in unison synchronized with each of those three new instances: games, community and purchases. That is, three sections that we usually go to depending on the moment and that are now very well differentiated from the lobby.

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That is, from the main lobby screen in PUBG Mobile we will know how to visually differentiate both the social and the events as well as the game. That color palette leads us to not get so involved and that everything is clearer. Hence there is talk of a new era for a very visually remodeled game.

It remains to solve the mystery that we still do not know and that will lead us to a pleasant surprise. Stay tuned to find out what it is since we will let you know from these lines before a PUBG Mobile that in just over ten days It will be completely renewed with 1.0.