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PS Vita TV – streaming from console to TV

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PS Vita TV – streaming from console to TV

If someone missed playing applications from PS Vita to TV, this is the solution to this problem.

What is PS Vita TV? It is a small attachment (6 cm x 10 cm) that allows you to send an image streamed or via HDMI on the TV. The inside of this device is based on the PS Vita components.

PS Vita TV is something of a “non-transferable” PS Vita; we will simply see the image from this device on the TV. You are probably wondering how we will control in such games? The answer is simple and for many, probably very joyful, well we will use the PS3 pad or DS3.

PS Vita TV will allow us to play on TV all titles from the PS Vita system and all compatible with PSP and PS One

Below is a video from the presentation of this device:

PS Vita TV will be available for purchase in Japan from November 14 for 9,954 yen (about $ 100). There will also be a more extensive version, with an 8GB PSV card and DS3 controller, priced at 14,994 yen (around $ 150)