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PlayStation Store update – 20/11/2013

PlayStation Store update – 20/11/2013

Let’s welcome a new update to the PS Store, with a lot of interesting productions on PS3 and the work of the creators of Little Big Planet.

Players having PS3 can enjoy as many as nine titles, including Ridge Racer: Driftopiawhich is an F2P game. And we have received The Amazing Spider Man and Outstanding Tearaway.

The Amazing Spider Man (PLN 159)

Everyone should know who is Spider-Man, but after the end of the trilogy, it’s time for a reboot, the second episode of which will soon hit theaters. On this occasion, a game was created with the same title as the film, which is based on its plot. However, the events depicted in the program take place after those famous fans of the big screen. The “two” has already been announced for stationary consoles, and we get the “one”, which our colleagues have been able to enjoy for a long time. Additionally, the price of PLN 159 for a reheated cutlet is a bit too much.

Tearaway (PLN 99)

On Friday, we will be able to buy the latest work of Media Molecule. Our review is just being prepared – Konrad is in a hurry as he can;), and world critics have already issued their notes for this production. Suffice it to say that PocketGamer Uk gave this production 100/100. In a beautiful, paper world created by artists from MM, we will experience a great adventure, as a player we will lead the hero through many interesting locations, all in order to receive an extremely important message that this guy has for us. The price is less than PLN 100, so I think it is worth investing in this title.

We will not find more content for PS Vita in today’s update.