Photoshop Touch or what should have been the real Photoshop for Android

In this new post, better said video post, I bring you the Photoshop Touch APK. What is Photoshop Touch? Well, simply Photoshop Touch is the unofficial app that brings together several of the Adobe applications that it has distributed by the Google Play StoreImage editing applications, putting them together in one, to give us all the functionalities of what from the beginning should have been the authentic Photoshop application for Android.

So with the download and installation of this unofficial application that we will only be able to download from XDA Labs, Photoshop Touch, we will enjoy all the advantages of having the functionalities of applications such as Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Express, Photoshop Lightroom, and other Adobe apps together in the app which in principle should, as I have mentioned before, been the true Photoshop application for Android.

For download Photoshop Touch apk, the app that I fully break down in the attached video that I have left you at the beginning of this post, we are only going to have to click on the box that I leave just below these lines:

Free download APK Photoshop Touch from XDA Labs

Everything that Photoshop touch offers us

As you can see in the screenshots that appear just above these lines, Photoshop Touch is a powerful image manipulation and editing tool, in which, as happens in Photoshop Mix or Photoshop of a lifetime in the desktop version, we will be allowed the possibility of working through layers.

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In addition to the possibility of adding layers to our project to take full control of its edition, Photoshop Touch offers us a large palette of built-in toolsTools that if we want to have them all officially, for this we would have to download several Adobe applications from the Google Play Store.

So in just one application in apk format that we will have to download and install manually, enabling the Unknown sources option from the Android settings in the Security section beforehand, we will have in the same place, in the same app which is the one that from the beginning should have been the real Photoshop for Android, tools for editing, designing and retouching images like the ones listed below:

All the functions and tools that Photoshop Touch offers us

  • Possibility of working with layers.
  • Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Blur and Finger Tool
  • Paint Tool, Paint Selection, Spray and Eraser
  • Magic Wand Tool, Brush Selection, Scribble Selection and Quick Selection Tool
  • Marquee, Circular, Polygon, and Lasso Selection Tools
  • Selection mode addition, subtraction or normal
  • Editing tools: Cut, Copy, Copy Combined, Paste, Delete, Select All, Select Pixels, Deselect, Reverse, Fade, Transform, Edge Perfect, Show Pointer, and Extract
  • Black & White Adjustments, Saturation, Auto Correction, Brightness / Contrast, Temperature, Color Replace, Shadow / Highlight, Color Balance, Reduce Noise, Invert, Levels, Curves
  • Effects: Basic, Styling Effects, Artistic Effects, and Photo Effects. Within these four categories we can find effects such as Sleepy Hollow, Ancient Sepia, Color Posterize, Gradient Map or Gaussian Blur among many others.
  • Other tools: here we find useful and essential tools such as the image crop, image size, rotate tool, text tool, transform, warp, fill and stroke, gradient, transition, flare and camera fill.
  • Button to undo the last step performed.
  • Layer tools like layer opacity and blending mode. The latter with options such as normal blending, darken, multiply, lighten, screen, linear dodge, overlap, difference or subtract.
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For all those functionalities added in just one application, that is why I say that This Photoshop Touch APK is the application that should have been the official Adobe tool for Android from the beginning since it brings together all the best of the image editing applications that Adobe currently has in the Google Play Store in a dissected way.

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