Periscope now allows live streaming video in 360º

Twitter has announced that it is already rolling out the 360º video support for your Periscope live video streaming service. The news comes just at a time when the company is betting heavily on live video streaming while facing increasingly accentuated competition from Facebook and other similar services.

The new feature implemented in Periscope it works just as any user could expect. When users are viewing a video on Twitter or in the Periscope app itself and the “Live 360” badge appears on the video, it can be started in the same way as any other Periscope live video feed with only one difference. that, to take advantage of the 360º feature, simply slide your finger on the screen or move or tilt the mobile device.

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Through the company’s own blog, Periscope has announced that Live 360 ​​is “one step closer to actually being there”, as it allows us to get a broader view of what the broadcaster is seeing of himself:

Live 360 ​​video doesn’t just take you to places you’ve never been; it’s about connecting with people and letting yourself experience something new with them.

With these videos, the station anchors the experience so that you can be present with them from whatever environment they are sharing. When they smile, you smile, and when they laugh, maybe you will laugh too.

Looking for new profitability formulas, Twitter has been increasingly focusing its attention on live video streaming. This past summer, the Twitter apps for iOS and Android added a new “Live” button that allows users to instantly start streaming on Periscope.

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At present, 360 degree live video is compatible with Periscope mobile applications, as well as its desktop version. However, desktop support is limited to certain browsers, for example, Safari does not support 360º video viewing at the moment.

At the moment, the broadcast of 360-degree video is only available to a small group of partners who are testing it, however, the company assures that the function will be extended “during the next few weeks.” Yes indeed, all users can now watch 360 degree videos.