OUKITEL phones on sale in AliExpress: With very low prices

There are times when manufacturers reach agreements with small businesses to offer discounts on their products, but normally these devices are not offered at a very low price. This is not the case of OUKITEL that, cooperating with AliExpress, offers awesome discounts to buyers.

From the 9th of May until the 16th of this same month, OUKITEL offers its 9 phones at the best price. On offer are phones like the OUKITEL K10000, the OUKITEL K6000 Pro, the OUKITEL K4000 Pro, K4000, U7 Pro, C3 and C2.

OUKITEL offers in AliExpress with very low prices

Of all the phones on the list, the K6000 Pro is a phone that ends pre-sale now and will start shipping. On the other hand, the C3 is expected to be shipped on May 20, but the other phones are in stock and will be they ship anywhere in the world.

During this week OUKITEL mobiles will offer 20% discount, the prices of all mobiles are as follows:

  • OUKITEL K6000 – 100 euros
  • OUKITEL K6000 Pro -142 euros
  • OUKITEL U10 – 103 euros
  • OUKITEL U7 Pro – 51 euros
  • OUKITEL K4000 – 82 euros
  • OUKITEL K10000 – 142 euros
  • OUKITEL C2 – 41 euros
  • OUKITEL C3 – 42 euros (with Android 6.0 Marshmallow as standard.

The truth is that the prices are knockdowns and the Oukitel U7 Pro has proven to be an impressive mobile, if we now add that it can be achieved for only 51 euros I would go for it head first if you want a cheap mobile that is resistant.

If what you want is to take advantage of the OUKITEL offers, you should know that you only have to enter the exclusive link on the red button and you will access the website where you can choose any of them. Remember that some models offer different colors to choose from and also for an extra price that varies from 2 to 7 euros you can have 1 year of replacement guarantee, this means that if something happens to it they will give you a completely new mobile (it is a service of AliExpress which works really well).

One of the great advantages of OUKITEL is that it has proven to manufacture very resistant mobiles at very low prices, here you can see how after cutting the screen of one of their mobiles with a radial, the mobile continues to work.