Nintendo will finally bring Mario to mobile devices with Super Mario Run, first on iOS

Finally Nintendo did not want to be left behind in the race for gaming on mobile devices and Miyamoto has announced from Apple’s Keynote that Super Marion Run will be available first on iOS, and then on Android.

A period of exclusivity for this operating system in which you can enjoy Super mario run which becomes a true 2D endless runner with that unmistakable retro style that has brought back so many memories from the Japanese company.

Miyamoto has been showing off some of the features just like the stickers for the app Apple’s iMessage messenger. A full-fledged endless runner that breaks that barrier that seemed to be difficult to break when announcing a few months ago that they would only bring video games that did not have the presence of those legendary characters and that so many hours have provided to different generations of players.

From the game we have been able to see some games in which we are in an endless runner with the great prominence that Mario will take when it can be downloaded on Android. Now we will have to know how long we will have to wait for this to happen, since we are also in the window in which two more Nintendo games would have to arrive, yes, without any type of exclusivity as it happens with this Super Mario Run.

The best of the news is that Nintendo has finally opened its mind and goes to mobile devices with characters as legendary as Mario, so we would not be surprised to see Link and many others approach your smartphone and tablet for the next few years. . We hope that soon we can know when will it be available for Android and that the exclusivity period is as short as possible.