Nintendo Reveals New Details for Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard, premiere on Wii U on April 22

Nintendo has revealed new details for the two coming exclusively on Wii U games from the popular Star Fox series: action shooters Star Fox Zero and the accompanying strategy Star Fox Guardwhich will be released in Europe on April 22nd.

Enter an action-packed world Star Fox Zero and use the cinematic view on the TV screen to know exactly where the Arwing is exactly, and thanks to the GamePad Wii U and atmospheric sound effects, feel like you are sitting in the pilot’s seat and aim with precision using intuitive motion controls. A wide selection of training missions will help new recruits to improve the game using two screens. You can return to them at any time to get more points, and then use your new skills in the main game to discover new places and achieve better results in already known locations.

As the game progresses, you can return to previous missions to collect hidden items and try out alternative routes that offer completely new challenges. Such a possibility exists, for example, on the planet Fortuna, fully bioweapon. At the end of the standard path, players will face an atmospheric fight with a cyborg called Monarch Dodora. After completing another mission, confident pilots can return to Fortuna to take an alternate route and pursue the Star Wolf team. Thanks to the many paths available in the game, bringing new challenges and surprises, everyone will find something for themselves – regardless of the level of advancement or style of the game. It was posted on YouTube trailer for Star Fox Zero Squadronwhich allows you to see the action of Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard.

Pilots looking for a stronger challenge can tap the Falco amiibo figure to unlock the Black Arwing, which has a stronger weapon but is weaker in terms of defense, making it a vulnerable ship with great potential. Tapping amiibo Fox will unlock a retro Arwing styled on the original Star Fox game for Super NES and special retro music. It can be used on the first board on the planet Corneria.

Together with Star Fox Zero a companion game will be released Star Fox Guard, which will allow players to prove themselves in the role of extraordinary bodyguards, defending the mines against waves of robotic invaders. There are 12 cameras, the image of which can be displayed on the TV screen. Each camera monitors a different part of the mine. The players have to switch between cameras to spot enemies and destroy them before they reach the central tower. To stop the constant robotic invasion, you need to be very careful and have the ability to multitask, and you will need the help of friends who can keep an eye on some of the cameras. The amiibo Fox and Falco figures will also help, when tapped once a day, they will summon the Star Fox team, attacking the robots with a devastating aerial attack.

Upon successful completion of missions, rare metals can be obtained that unlock additional missions and cameras with special abilities such as slowing enemies or holding them in place, allowing for even more complex strategies. My Squad mode will allow tactics to create enemy attack patterns and upload them online, allowing them to test the skills of players from all over the world. And with the Star Strategists feature, there will be a new challenge every day for all players.

Fans who will buy Star Fox Zero will be able to try Star Fox Guard in the demo version available only from the main menu of the game Star Fox Zero. Saved game states can be transferred to the full version, thanks to which young tacticians will resume the game where they left off in the demo version.

On April 22, Wii U owners will be able to buy Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard Limited Edition First Print (first edition), which will include both games on separate discs and an exclusive SteelBook® case. Star Fox Guard in the physical version, it will only be available in this set, so collectors should not miss this opportunity. You will also be able to buy a code to download the game in physical stores Star Fox Guard to the console disk. On the other hand, in Nintendo eShop, after purchasing one game, you will receive a PLN 20 discount on the other, so that both games will cost only PLN 240. Anyone who’s looking forward to the premiere of new titles and wanting to start training early can purchase a Nintendo 64 game via the Nintendo eShop. Star Fox 64, for only PLN 20 (regular price: PLN 40); the promotion is valid until April 21, 2016, 23:59 (local time).

The prices quoted are from the Nintendo eShop and are inclusive of the applicable VAT.
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