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Move the tiles to swing the ball from side to side in Portal Drop

Move the tiles to swing the ball from side to side in Portal Drop

Portal Drop is an addictive game that is based on the simple premise of removing chips so that a ball falls due to the effect of gravity. One of those addictive games that with a simple base is capable of getting us to play one game after another without stopping.

It is not the first time that we find this type of games, since Portal Drop puts a spin on others in style in which we have to build towers instead of demolishing them like in this one. The big difference is that we will have to let the ball fall towards one of the sides so that it reaches one of the wormholes through which it will volatilize.

simple is addictive

Portal Drop is based on object physics with which it is able to keep a ball alive that falls continuously on a series of tiles that are sufficiently embedded to form a larger one. The ball will cease its movement in many moments, so that we eliminate the right piece so that it falls in the right place. In this way we will trace the necessary trajectory for it to fall into those wormholes.

This will become quite a puzzle, since we have to quickly decide which of the following cards we have to delete. Likewise, we can remove some that are lower so that a rolling effect is produced, and thus the ball finally reaches its destination.

A simple game mechanic, but one that is capable of generate a lot of entertainment per minute so we can play this game called Portal Drop. It is the randomness of the games with the movement of the ball and those chips that also cause extra slides, which enhances this game that, although it does not have many downloads in the Play Store, promises.

Portal Drop, a game you have to try

that the ball has hexagonal shape adds more difficulty to Portal Drop. Since even the pieces that we remove will manage to “hit” it and generate new displacements until we consider the game lost. All this variety of situations make Portal Drop an excellent game that without many frills and a series of extras such as the different skins to get, becomes a game to have a good time in the pool.

We wish there were more titles so look for originality in the approach or give a twist to those game mechanics that we all know from thousands of games. It’s difficult, since ideas don’t come just like that. The best thing is to be happy to be able to have new entertainment offers like the one proposed by Portal Drop.

Just like Flappy Bird was, another of Portal Drop’s goals is get the maximum amount of points and share the catches with friends and family. In this way we can sting with them to see who is the most skilled when it comes to keeping the ball alive and kicking.

With an electronic music that pleases

another one of the points in favor of Portal Drop is its electronic music that puts the icing on the cake that is the game itself. It’s amazing to be able to have that background music with those basses and those rhythms. Apart from the fact that as we get more points, we will obtain more striking graphic effects to make it clear that we are breaking our own records.

In the technical realization everything goes perfectly with a well-optimized object physics and some graphics that are in the style of what Portal Drop is itself. We would like there to be different backgrounds, the ability to change the entire visual style, as is the case with Cubriko, Ketchapp’s new entertainment offering.

Portal Drop is an addictive puzzle game that with its object physics and electronic music is capable of dazzling us so that we play it for days until we are the best and nobody is able to catch up with us.

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