Monster Ninja, a current and different platform game that will hook you

If you like them platform games for android and you also like games that bring something new, then you will love the game that I am going to recommend next.

A game that responds to the name of monster-ninja, a game that we can download directly from the Google Play Store, a free game although with in-app purchases that range from a few Euros to 54.99 Euros, so be careful when leaving your Android terminal to the little ones in the house, be sure have the pertinent security options activated so as not to get unpleasant surprises in the statements of our bank accounts.

Download Monstar ninja for free from the Google Play Store

Everything that Monster Ninja offers us, the platform game for Android that goes beyond the classic norm

monster-ninja is a hero different from the others, with his Ninja teachings you will have to face Shaman and other enemies who want to destroy your home planet Doe. With this simple but effective argument, the Monster Ninja game is developed, a platform-style game for Android that goes a bit out of the pre-established norm for platform games in general.

In Monster Ninja, in addition to jumping, running, shooting and getting the gems and different objects that you will find on your way, in addition to that which is the most classic thing that we are going to be able to find in the recipe of the ingredients of a good platform game for Android, in addition to that, we are going to meet a game mode that has nothing to do with the traditional platform games that we all know.

And it is that in Monster Ninja everything is achieved by simply pressing two imaginary buttons, one that occupies the lower right part of the screen of our Android and another that occupies just the opposite side of the screen. These two buttons are only going to serve us to jump the one on the left side, and to shoot the weapons that we pick up with the button on the right side of the screen. And to move?

To move we will simply use the accelerometer of our Android terminals in combination with the jump button . A movement that at first costs one to get the point but after five minutes you have already taken full control of the character in question who is none other than our Monster Ninja hero.

Another of the things that I liked about the game that I show you in the attached video that I have left you at the beginning of this post, is that unlike in other platform games for Android that we are only allowed to walk forward, in Monster Ninja we are allowed to go back to pick up that gem or that box that we have forgotten or that we have missed.

Definitely a game more than recommended and recommended for all ages, yes, make sure you have your Google account protected with a password or fingerprint and so that it always asks for it before making a purchase.