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It’s today! The fourth birthday of the Konsolowe.info portal!

It’s today! The fourth birthday of the Konsolowe.info portal!

November 2012, then our first project saw the light of day, we created a small blog – “vitasite.info”, which was devoted only to the Sony portable console – PS Vita. I don’t remember how many people started with me then, but I remember how many of them are with me until today. First there was Bartosz Kałkus, with time Kinga, Radek and Bartosz Kwidziński joined. Tomasz, on the other hand, was hitting on us himself, I remember how I ignored his first recruitment e-mails, and he kept writing and he achieved his goal. Over time, we were invited to the premiere of PS4 via PlayStation Poland. A few weeks later, a new generation of consoles – PS4 – began to appear in our homes, so over time we decided to expand our blog with a new platform. However, the biggest changes came last year.

November 2015 vitasite.info turns into BombaGame. It was a very emotional time for us. change of domain, change of server provider, change of logo and graphic design. It took a lot of stress and sleepless nights to configure everything, move data and set everything up, but I think it was worth it. The name of BombaGame was not chosen by chance, we discussed the different names for many hours, but I still think that everyone knew in advance that this name would be the best anyway – although we had a lot of fun with the alternative name “konsolove.info” 😉 A year ago We expanded the portal with a new section, we started writing about Xbox One and Nintendo, and our team was joined by a great fan of the latter platform – Krzysiu, who every day prepares a lot of interesting information and reviews for you from the big N. Having good contact with distributors of Asian productions, we started look for a person who will review games from the Land of the Rising Sun for you. And yes, thanks to the fast and great power of Twitter, Magdalena joined our team. Our last “new acquisition” as a result of the last recruitment is Marcin, who every day gathers new experience in our team and gladly reviews all games. In 2015, we started recording the Gravitacja podcast. Then our team was joined by a huge fan of podcasts – Kamil, who was the originator of all the fuss. To date, we have already recorded 54 episodes, this is a great feat for us, which we intend to further develop.

There is no need to hide, we are not a big portal, but as we like to joke “the biggest with the smallest;)”. There is no shortage of passion in what we do, we enjoy every day our hobby, which is writing about console games. We would like to thank our entire community for being with us throughout this entire period. Thank you for all comments on the portal and our social networks, thank you to the entire team of our forum, for creating a wonderful, family atmosphere. Finally, I would like to thank all my team that together with me create this portal, without you all this would not be possible!

Of course, birthdays cannot take place without celebration, and this year we decided to celebrate richly! From today, up to Mikołajki, we will be organizing competitions with several publishers and developers who wanted to support us. We are starting with a thick pipe, today a competition will appear on the portal in which you will be able to win Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Legacy Edition) on PS4 sponsored by Activision!

I encourage you to closely follow the portal and follow our website Twitter and Facebook for the next two weeks 🙂 We will be organizing competitions in which you will be able to win great games for PS4 and Xbox One and a few gadgets 🙂

I cordially greet everyone and invite you to celebrate together!
Editor in Chief
Konrad Bosiacki