Is it necessary to use a VPN on Android?

A few years ago, privacy was a word that very few people used and to which they hardly paid attention. Due to the different security scandals in recent years, mainly carried out by Facebook, privacy has become fashionable and there are many companies that state that their priority is the security of user data.

Keep in mind that companies they are there to make money otherwise they would be NGOs. Shareholders of companies always want to see more and more revenue, and as much as the CEO of a company says one thing, the board of directors is the one who really rules. Hence, we always have to distrust the supposed policies they affirm.

But of course, the words can be carried away with the wind, besides, who assures us that the big companies really manage our data according to the principles they announce? Absolutely nobody. The best way to protect our trips on the internet is through a VPN.

What is a VPN?

You have probably heard of VPNs on occasion, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. But what are VPNs? If we rely on its acronym, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network), a connection that is established directly between the user and servers that provide this service, so that absolutely no one else can have access to the information that circulates between the two, and the connections are encrypted from end to end.

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A few years ago, this type of network was only used in companies, when working remotely, however, in recent years, the price of these services has dropped considerably and for very little money, we can hire one. In addition, it is not only available for computers, but we can also use it from any mobile device, including smart TVs, consoles.

Ivacy is one of the most complete VPN services that we can currently find on the market, since it not only allows us to protect our internet activity through computers, but also through Android devices, iPhone, PlayStation, Xbox, tablets, routers…

Take advantage of the Ivacy offer

The guys from Ivacy put at our disposal different price plans, being the 5-year-old the one that offers us the best value for money. Ivacy’s monthly plan is priced at $9.95 per month, while the annual plan costs $43 each year, which is a savings of 65%.

However, if you sign up for the 5-year plan, you will only pay 60 dollars, so you will actually be paying $1 per month for the next 5 years. If you want to take advantage of this limited time offer, you can go through this link.

How does a VPN work?

Every time we connect to the internet, whether from a mobile device or from a computer, all the information that circulates between the internet and our device is registered with our service provider (ISP), knowing at all times what we do online, data that can be sold to third parties to get extra money.

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If we use a VPN, our service provider You will not have access at any time to our activity on the Internet, since all the requests we make are sent directly to the VPN service that we have contracted, information that is sent end-to-end encrypted, making it practically indecipherable.

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Ok, but now the log is stored on the VPN servers we use, right? Well no. Paid VPN servers, They NEVER store the user’s browsing data, since they do not have the need to obtain extra money to maintain their services. Another thing is the VPNs that claim to be free, since these do store our activity to sell it to third parties. It should be remembered when something is free on the internet, the product is us.

What can we do with a VPN like Ivacy

In addition to the privacy advantages that VPN services offer us, VPNs mainly offer us three advantages:

Save money buying online

Online stores store records of our activity on our computer, records that are later consulted by other web pages to see what product we have been looking for on other websites and offer a similar priceas if they agreed prices between the two.

By hiding our trail (using different IPs), we prevent the online stores we visit from being able to consult that information on our equipment and offer us the real price of what we are looking for. This bad practice is used mainly between airlines and hotels, although not exclusively.

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Bypass geographic limitations

Streaming video services: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and even BBC iPlayer, offer us practically the same catalog throughout Europe, however, this is not the case in the United States, where not only They have a larger catalog.but also, on some occasions, some series and movies arrive before the old continent.

If we use a VPN, we can circumvent geographical limitations of these services and thus be able to access the complete catalog available on that platform in the country of the IP that we have previously selected. VPN services are quite fast, so we will be able to enjoy a stable connection speed without interruptions.

By bypassing geographical limitations, we can access web pages that may be blocked in our countryhence why VPNs are banned in both China and Russia.

Browse safely on public Wi-Fi

Whether you visit the park every afternoon, the cafeteria or bar where you have breakfast, in a shopping center… it is becoming more and more common to enter a large number of places that offer a free Wi-Fi connection and no password.

The worst thing we can do is use it to browse the internet, access the bank application… since passwords circulate freely on the network and anyone with knowledge can easily get hold of it.

If we use a VPN connection from our mobile using these public Wi-Fi networks, we will be able to navigate quickly and completely safe without the fear that anyone can have access to our personal, banking data…

Securely connect to a server

As I have mentioned before, VPN connections are used in many companies, since it allows establish an end-to-end encrypted connection between the user’s computer and the server. In this way, no other person who can access the information along the way will be able to decrypt it easily.

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We leave no trace of our navigation

Our internet provider will not know at any time what we do with our internet connection, especially if it is dedicated to sell our browsing data to third parties to target advertising or try to sell us more services than

Tips for choosing a VPN

Not all VPNs are the same, nor do they have the same price or offer the same services, so we must analyze the benefits they offer us before hiring them.

Number of connected devices

Without hiring a VPN we are not going to do it only for our computer, although we spend most of the day in front of him. We must also use it on our smartphone / tablet (and those of our family), on consoles (if we have any), on devices to consume streaming video…

The larger the number of simultaneous connections that offers us the best service, especially if we have children or relatives in our charge who connect to the internet regularly.

Compatible with P2P networks

If you regularly download content from the internet and want to be protected, you should consider whether the VPN you want to hire offers support for P2P networks (not all offer it), otherwise your service provider will always know that you are downloading.

Number of servers and countries

The greater the number of servers that it makes available to us, as well as the number of countries, we will obtain faster connections and will allow us to access localized services in other countries that are geographically limited.

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All these functions and many more We are going to find them in the VPN service offered by Ivacy. Remember, the 5-year offer for just $60 is limited in time, so if you were looking for a quality VPN at a good price, you shouldn’t think twice.

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