Improve photography with mobile lenses

The smartphone has become an essential device in our day-to-day life, either to communicate or to work. At present we find a huge offer of mobile terminals among which we find real pocket computers, which stand out for their power and functionality. They are versatile devices capable of replacing a PC almost completely. This is definitely an advantage Among its most outstanding features is its camera.

The high end is certainly an example of this and thanks to this, content creators or even photography enthusiasts are dispensing with dedicated cameras for everyday use. Thanks to the leap in quality that mobile terminals have given. There are lenses that make it much easier to dispense with cameras, a accessory that for little money extraordinarily improves the versatility of our mobile to take pictures. In this article we are going to review what types of mobile lenses exist and the purpose of each of them.

What are mobile lenses?

Mobile lenses are accessories that expand the photographic possibilities of our smartphone. These are external products that we can adjust to the mobile by means of different fastening systems, to Create different effects on photos.

There is a wide variety of lenses and they can be adapted to many models and manufacturers. Among the different modes of fastening, there is the magnetized one, using a magnetic disc that surrounds the camera, although there is also the typical clamp to remove and put on. These targets are sold singly or in complete kits that include different class targets.

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Are lenses necessary for a mobile?

It depends a lot on the type of user we are, but if what we want is to achieve maximum quality photographs without needing a professional camera, it is undoubtedly the best option. Today the use of mobile phones is so widespread that the vast majority of people prefer to use the mobile that they always carry in their pocket. This is why manufacturers have invested so much in the photography section. We have become more and more demanding and for this reason it is more and more common to hear: “I want a mobile that takes good photos”

As much as smartphones have improved their cameras, for a simple matter of size, the sensors they have are small as are their lenses. This greatly limits us when it comes to taking quality photographs. In this context, the external objectives to improve quality appeared as the focus. Aimed at those people who do not mind carrying a kit of lenses for those trips or simply in case the occasion arises, whether for a hobby of photography or for work.

landscape lenses

The wide angle would be the ideal lens for landscapes, since from a close position it is capable of combining a lot of peripheral space. So we will not need to physically move away from the place to take a photograph that captures the entire desired area. It allows very wide photos but the image suffers a small distortion. Its main objective is to capturing landscapes in outdoor areas, as well as capturing large buildings without having to move away from it.

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Among the different options that we find, we have Neewer 10084336 Kit of… which is accompanied by a macro lens to capture objects at a very close distance.

Telephoto lenses or zoom for mobile

If we want to take pictures of objects, landscapes or people at a great distance, we have no choice but to use the zoom, but this normally in mobile terminals it is very limited. In most cases they are simple cuts of the image causing it to lose a lot of quality, although in the most premium terminals we have a telephoto camera With which we manage to have an optical zoom with which we have a x2 or even x5 zoom in some terminals such as Huawei.

If we want to improve even more we can acquire lenses that would do the job of that telephoto camera but with more magnification. Useful for those photographs that demand a high level of detail at a great distance. At Amazon we find this lens that for a fairly attractive price can be used for any terminal.

fisheye for mobile

In this case we have the fisheye lens, which is responsible for creating a deliberate distortion of the image at an angle of 180 degrees. This achieves that when focusing gives us the sensation of being inside a sphere. This undoubtedly helps us to unleash our imagination and create authentic contemporary works of art. It is perfect for use in large, well-lit spaces whether it be people, landscapes or monuments. With special attention to selfies both alone and accompanied.

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Mobile lenses with more than one camera

In the case of having a mobile with more than one camera, we should not worry since we can use the lenses without problems, but we must take into account the function of each of the sensors that our mobile has. Normally our smartphone has a main camera that takes care of the normal photos that we take on a daily basis, but if it has more than one camera It usually includes a telephoto zoom lens for those long distance shots or a wide angle for landscape shots.

In order not to make a mistake, the easiest thing is to alternate the modes and cover the lens to see which sensor is which. In this way we will attach the lens to the sensor that suits us best. This gives us a lot of play since we can increase the telephoto lens with a lens that gives it more magnification, or expand the wide angle. To use fisheye or macro we will use the main photo sensor.

Things to keep in mind when buying a lens for our mobile

There is a wide range of lenses on the market and we can get lost among so many options and nomenclature when making our choicefor this reason we are going to give you some advice and recommendations when choosing the one that suits us best.

Purchase criteria

We must take these points into account when buying lenses for our mobile terminal, we are going to order them by importance.

  1. Anchor method: There are several methods to anchor the lenses for our terminal, clamp, cover, magnetic… This is very important since This will mean more or less comfort when using it.if it takes us a lot of effort to put it on and take it off, we will end up not using them.
  2. Lens kit: In most cases the lenses do not come alone, they usually come in a pack in which we find several types. This is great for us to have a greater variety when taking our photographs without increasing the purchase price.
  3. Quality and materials: it’s advisable read product reviews very well and the photographs of Amazon customers to know for sure if the product is good and fits what we are looking for.
  4. Compatibility: in this case we do not usually have problems because normally the lenses are compatible with all terminalsbut we must bear in mind that not all camera models have the same shape, so we must be careful to buy one that fits our mobile.
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If you want to know how to make good use of these lenses, do not miss our article that shows the best formulas to take the best photographs.