Impressions of the Beta Mode of Star Wars Battlefront II

The first Star Wars Battlefront was a very good title. It combined light and fun gameplay and the world of Star Wars. As a result, it was an excellent production for players who were not into online shooters. However, it was not without flaws and the publisher drew conclusions from the criticism of the players.

When starting the game, we can see a short introductory film in which the narrator is John Boyega, the actor who plays the character of Finn in the latest episodes of the saga. It’s worth watching it to get to know its content.

The developers have prepared 3 multiplayer game modes for the testers. They are Galactinc Assault, Starfighter Assault and Strike. Two more will be available in the full version.
Galactinc Assault is the most epic game mode where 40 players fight each other. During the beta, we can check the map of Theed, the capital of the planet Naboo. As an army of clones, we defend the throne room against the invasion of droids. In Starfighter Assault, we will move to the Empire Star Destroyer under repair and, as a rebellion, we will try to destroy it before reinforcements arrive. This mode is intended for flying vehicles only. In the last mode, we will move to the planet Takodana. Playing the role of soldiers of the highest order, we will try to recover the artifact from the hands of the resistance.

From the very beginning, the creators promised that in the second installment of Battlefront we will find more variety. The first installment focused on the old trilogy, now we have access to content from all versions of the stellar saga. And this is exactly what is shown during the tests. In each of the modes available here, we will visit a different era from a different Star Wars trilogy. This is a very big plus, because thanks to this we get a much greater variety. We no longer play only empire and rebellion, but just clones, droids or the highest order.

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The character selection system has changed completely. There are 4 different character classes in the game. So we have a standard soldier, a heavy-armed one, an officer capable of setting up turrets or a specialist shooting from a long distance. Each character class has individual skills, gear, and equipment. We can also modify them with cards. If we are doing well during the game, for the points we get, we can choose a much stronger character or even a famous hero. During the beta, we can play the role of Darth Maul, Bobby Fett, Han Solo or Rey.

This is quite a big change to the game mechanics. In the first installment, special characters were unlocked after obtaining a token. On a first come, first served basis. Now we receive the hero as a reward for our actions.

As befits a modern online game – there are also packs with cards. We unlock them for the cash collected in the game. The packs contain cards that will improve our characters. We can also create improvements from found items.

During the beta, we can also try the local cooperation mode. Unfortunately, I was not able to check it due to the lack of a partner for the game. Unfortunately, I have not managed to learn to hold the rain yet.

What we won’t find here is the campaign mode, which is understandable for the multiplayer beta test. The campaign will be available in the full version of the game and I definitely sharpen my teeth the most with it. I also couldn’t try the Heroes and Villains mode, which is my definite favorite from the first installment.

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After two days of playing closed beta, I am very happy. The creators of Star Wars Battlefront accepted the criticism of the players and proposed a much more diverse title. The mere fact that there are so many different vehicles, weapons and characters from different eras of the saga is a significant improvement in my opinion. Graphically, the title looks very good, but that was to be expected. The previous version looked very nice, so in terms of the setting, I never had any concerns. I had as much fun as with the first part and I am looking forward to November for the full version with a lot of optimism. Now the beta is starting for everyone, so I encourage you to give it a try.

We would like to thank Electronic Arts Polska for providing the game for the test.