Imilab KW66 smartwatch review

We return for Androidsis with an interesting new smartwatch that we have been able to test for a few days, the Imilab KW66. Christmas is approaching and everything indicates that it will be, without a doubt, the star gift in most homes.

If you are looking for yourself, or someone special, a smartwatch that is competenthave the most useful features, and provide a good balance between quality and pricebe sure to take a look at this analysis.

The Imilab KW66, the smartwatch you were looking for?

Every week there are several wearables that are added to the increasingly extensive catalog of the market. In this case, we try a smartwatch from another firm participated by Xiaomi. something that is always synonymous of a guarantee, and above all a minimum of quality as well as a competitive price. You can buy it right now on Aliexpress with discount promotion.

Imilab has the support of Xiaomi for the development of its technology. Y we noticed in its software and its functionality a very recognizable seal that offers a very attractive user experience and above all easy to use for anyone. Without a doubt, having a support of this level is a great point in favor of this smartwatch.

For this reason, for his pricefor all the benefits that it offers and for a design simple and attractive has a gap among our recommended. If you are crazy looking for the ideal smartwatch and you need something that keeps a good balance between price and quality, the Imilab KW66 is another option to consider.

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Unboxing Imilab KW66

It’s time to take a look inside the Imilab box, and as usual, we don’t find nothing we can’t wait. We have the Watchwhich in this case already comes with the strap placed inside the box itself. And also note that, in this case, we only have a black strap.

We also find the classic user guide and the cable for charging. A cable with magnetized connectors that fit quickly and securely. We no longer expect to find any power connector in a smartwatch box, and thus we are not disappointed.

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This is the Imilab KW66

As you may have seen, the Imilab smartwatch bets on a round spheresomething that seems to be becoming a real trend. Something that for many is good news. Seeing how manufacturers distance themselves from “inspirations” coming from the most successful smartwatches is good for market diversification.

Already not all smartwatches look like the apple watch, or Samsung, and this is very positive. Although it is difficult to have an image that differs from the rest, the mere fact of trying to be different is valued positively. Imilab bets on a very sober, simple designbut with a strong point that will surely attract the attention of many, its autonomy.

We have to say that the software that we found in the Imilab KW66 is perfectly optimized so that your round sphere is 100% functionaland its screen, thanks to the App,it is fully customizable. It has a 3D curved screenwith a size of 1.28 inches. we found a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. And we see how the brightness of your screen behaves better than expected in natural light conditions.

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In it Right side is found a touch button with the functions of on offcheck the time or to go to the “home”. Although it has grooved sides in the style of a crown, it does not have this function and we will have to use the touch screen to move through its menu.

In the rear is found the heart rate monitor capable of constantly taking measurements while we have the watch on our wrist. The measurements are correct and fast, something that will be very useful especially when we practice sports. Below the optical heart rate sensor are the magnetized pins for charging. Don’t wait any longer and get your Imilab KW66 here with free shipping.

looking at the belt Of the Imilab KW66 we cannot say anything that stands out. It is smooth, not very thick and made of silicone, in this case black. We did not really like the texture it has, it is a bit rough and does not slide easily when we have to fasten it. We can exchange it with other compatible ones thanks to its simple opening.

The features offered by the Imilab KW66

As we told you at the beginning, at the Imilab we found Xiaomi’s footprint. This, as we have been able to see, translates into benefits and in good price. Without a doubt, the strongest pointe of this smartwatch is their autonomy. A battery of 340mAh They give for much more than expected. The Imilab KW66 offers us up to an incredible 30 days of autonomy.

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The battery, and the autonomy that it is capable of offering, is one of the most sought after features when we decided to get a smartwatch. In this aspect, the Imilab stands out among other devices of the same price, almost doubling the battery life of the rest of the options. the secret is excellent optimization of energy consumption.

Imilab also has IP68 certification resistance to dust and water. Something that makes it the ideal companion to accompany you while you practice your favorite sport. In its menu we can select between 13 kinds of sports different.

Imilab KW66 data sheet

Mark imilab
Model KW66
Screen 1.28 inches
Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
water/dust resistance IP68
connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 340mAh
Autonomy up to 30 days of use
Dimensions 16.6 x 8.5 x 3.5cm
Weight 250 grams
Price €30.96
purchase link Imilab KW66

Pros and Cons of the Imilab KW66


The autonomy of up to 30 days is what makes it stand out from the rest.

The weight, even with a good battery, is light and comfortable.

Its price, given the features it offers, is very good.


  • Autonomy
  • Weight
  • Price


The touch of the silicone strap is a bit rough and it does not slide easily.

The sphere has a frame around the screen and is not completely screen.


  • Belt
  • frame on the dial

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