If you want to save battery, use these 6 applications in Lite version

Most of the users complain about the poor battery life that most mobiles have, it doesn’t matter which one you have, they all have a low battery only that sometimes it lasts 3 days and other times it doesn’t last even the first.

As telephony advances they spend more and more energy And even though the newer processors are more efficient, they never sit in the mid-range or low-end range, which is where most people buy a phone. Now, in addition to being fair and needed by the terminal, there are many applications that devour the battery and the time has come to put them aside.

Why Lite apps can make you save a lot of battery?

The fact that smartphones have become so popular and that people have so much to choose from has led large companies to manufacture “Lite” versions of their applications, versions that use much less battery and that work well on mobiles that do not have very powerful processors. .

These applications are simple, they use little battery and even sometimes they are even better than the full versions although in my case some of them cannot replace the full version, they can in many cases. The only “problem with these apps” is that some of them are not in the Google Play Store but on Android we can install the APK if it doesn’t come out, the reason is that they have been created for emerging markets and in some regions they are not available but they can be used without problem.

The best “lite” versions of the most famous apps and social networks

facebook lite

I don’t know how many times we’ve said that Facebook is an app we should uninstall from all phones but sometimes we need it. Of course, there is no doubt that it is one of the ones that uses the most battery and that is why it offers a Lite version that comes in really handy.

Facebook Lite has a somewhat “old-fashioned” interface but it does work and it only occupies 3 MB as opposed to the 190 MB that the large version occupies. In case you don’t like the Lite version of Facebook, you can also choose to use it directly in the browser, it won’t use up any battery when it’s not used and you can still send notifications. They are all advantages.

Download | facebook lite

Web | FacebookMobile

Messenger Lite, when your chat is very heavy

Now, Messenger is a very good application but over time it has become a mega application that does a thousand things, such as masks, calls, etc.

Well, Messenger Lite is simple and fast, it allows you to start conversations in a simple way, which is what most people look for in an app like Messenger, especially when they already have the full version of the Facebook application installed. The only thing Messenger Lite doesn’t do is share GIFs but you can share photos, voice notes and stickers, in addition to seeing the GIFs of your friends. I personally don’t like GIFs, I don’t see it as a problem.

Download | MessengerLite

Twitter, the best of all

Twitter does not have a Lite app but it does have a Lite version on the Web which looks a lot like the desktop version. The application is clean and works really well, there are some small bugs because it doesn’t integrate everything but it’s a small price to pay.

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Twitter Lite has a data saving mode, allows you to receive notifications and upload photos while creating surveys. What Twitter Lite does not have is uploading videos, searching for GIFs or the multi-account option, the only one that I miss because I have to log out and start another when I want to change.

Web | Twitter Lite

Instagram, also with a web version

Instagram is not going very badly, next to Facebook it is wonderful. Now, it has become heavier and heavier and it does eat some battery if we use it too much.

Instagram also has a web version, you only have to enter it and you can crop and rotate photos, and see those of others. What you won’t be able to do is put filters or edit the photos as in the mobile version but if you do not usually upload photos to Instagram it is the best thing you can use to see those of others.

Web | Instagram

Skype, one of the ones I don’t drink

Neither normal Skype, nor Skype Lite. I don’t like the Skype application at all because of its great battery consumption but it is true that its Lite version is somewhat better than the normal version.

Skype Lite is clean and simple, easy to use and allows both texting and calling. If you don’t usually use Skype, it’s the best option because the full version is very heavy and most of the things it offers you don’t even use.

Download | skype lite

Gmail, also with a web version?

Well yes, just as you hear it, Gmail is not that it consumes too much battery but the Gmail interface allows you to use the online service in a basic way. There are some things that are not in the mobile version.

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If only you usually see the mail from time to time and you do not usually receive important things, it is the best thing you can have, although in case you need to see the emails, it can also send notifications without a problem, so that you do not miss any important email.

Web | gmail

Personally I always give the same advice to save battery, have as few apps as possible. In many cases, it doesn’t even make sense to have your own application to see something from time to time. If you want to keep your phone with an acceptable level of autonomy, with these 6 apps you will save a lot, you won’t believe it.