How to return to the previous Instagram design

Today my colleague Carlos told us that Instagram has been completely renewed in design. And in the face of this, questions such as the following have arisen: how to go back to previous instagram layout. We will tell you the secret so that you can have your Instagram like before, since if you ask yourself this, it is possible that you liked the previous design more than the current one. However, this usually happens and in many cases it is a matter of habit.

Instagram has hit a 360 degree rotation in design and logo. If you have seen the update you will see the new instagram design 2016. It is what we see below. Many users have been truly surprised and satisfied, while many others criticized this design change without warning on social networks and what is worse, they do not like it so much:

Go back to previous Instagram design

If you have updated and you don’t like the new design at all, you can go back to the previous Instagram. How? for APKs. At the end of the article we leave you a link to APK Mirror where you will find the previous Instagram APKs, it is important that you have unknown origins activated or else it will not work for you. Once you have this activated, you will be able to download and install APKs on your mobile without problems.

Ideally, you should do a clean install. If you have updated Instagram, delete it completely, clear data, cache, etc. Delete the entire application and reinstall it by APK, the Latest Instagram APK before design change.

This is not forever

It is clear that sooner or later we will have to make the leap to the new design, even if we don’t want it, Instagram may “force” us as it usually happens with other apps. But now we can continue to maintain the interface and everything from the old Instagram, making use of the previous APKs from APK Mirror that we leave you below.

How about this? Have you managed to return to the previous Instagram design? If you have any problems, doubts or it doesn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we will help you.

Download | Instagram (APK Mirror)